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A night gaze by Petrache3
A night gazeby Omicron
‼️ScaraxMona Smut ,cussing and prob mistakes‼️
you adorn the night | scaramona oneshots by ItsRamenista
you adorn the night | scaramona Ramen Head
For you are the one who beautifies the moon, who twinkles among the blinding stars, who is the light through the blackest of nights, who is the spark of joy in lonesome...
Megistus Love (scaramouche x Mona) Genshin impact FF by Maidsamakid
Megistus Love (scaramouche x Mona) Liberty 🤍
Ever since the traveler has helped Mona rent out a home in Mondstadt, Mona has greatly suffered in paying the rent so her landlord has brought a roommate in so they shal...
Genshin School by lunaha2006
Genshin Schoolby Trần Nguyệt Hà
Cheating title! This is not a fic about school life or some youth philosophy. This is just a small drive for me to snoop my own OTP. Just kidding! This is the first time...
i love you.  a Scaramouche x Mona story  by marie62221
i love you. a Scaramouche x marie62221
Once again all i have to say is that my fyp was with that thanks to tiktok.
stargazing ➳ scaramona short fic by milkitass
stargazing ➳ scaramona short ficby milkitass
childhood friends at best, they were now practically strangers. maybe the night sky could change that > (this is a twoshot fic) cover art: _polamac on twt
The Synastry [ Scaramona modern AU ] by miatheegg_
The Synastry [ Scaramona modern miatheegg_
Teyvat Academy, who wouldn't have heard of it? Known for its reputation, along with extraordinary students, many dreams to enroll in Teyvat. The school located on an isl...
Clash of the stars || Scaramouche x Mona  by Jenadazai
Clash of the stars || Jenadazai
When Mona travels to liyue for new job opportunities she is reunited with an old foe, but this time things go differently... Keeping smut to a minimum lolz mostly just...
The Astrologer and the Harbinger by emmacupcake94
The Astrologer and the Harbingerby emmmazzz
Mona and Scaramouche both go to Teyvat High, but they couldn't be more different. Mona loves astrology, even going as far to be the president of her astrology club, and...
In the Rain~ A Scaramona AU by hayamii_meina
In the Rain~ A Scaramona AUby hayamii
Just a soft fluffy oneshot AU of Scaramona bc SOME PEOPLE have made me love the ship djvjdjcjfjxj ;3 • None of the characters belong to me, they rightfully belong to MiH...
My Kitsune (slow update) by Aoki_Evergreen
My Kitsune (slow update)by ×Aoki_Evergreen×
Same as The Aftermath This story will envolve BNHA/MHA X GENSHIN X OC AU, so if you feel any discomfort reading these please move on to the other stories :D Warning: Blo...
[DISCONTINUED]Forbidden Stars - Scaramouche x Mona by buniblur
[DISCONTINUED]Forbidden Stars - mir
------☆------ • scaramouche offers mona mora for a challenge, little did the astrologist know, that she would regret taking it • ------☆------