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A Mortal God Accepts the Perfect Girl's Love (A Saiki and Teruhashi Fanfiction ) by RidTwo
A Mortal God Accepts the Perfect RidOne
FINISHED PART 1 Teruhashi Kokomi, the most loved girl in the world finally confesses her crush for Saiki Kusuo, a boy with psychic powers. Saiki realized that he has no...
an angel's obsession (saiki x teruhashi ) by kibou0
an angel's obsession (saiki x kibou
i was looking for a fanfic for saikix teruhashi and could only find a small amount that were above 3 chapter so i figured i would make one my self i do not own any of th...
Saiki K PeePee by Jet_Vermillion
Saiki K PeePeeby Jet_Vermillion
In which Kusuo tries to become normal once and for all. Set post-meteor. Hope you enjoy! ***This is a SaiTeru fic***
Teruhashi-san wants to be confessed to by kiralala7956
Teruhashi-san wants to be John Carter
Saiki Kusuo is your average high school psychic. In his quest to be the most average student at school, he works tirelesly to avoid all his troublesome friends and the n...
inconvenienced relationship  (saiki x teruhashi) by kibou0
inconvenienced relationship ( kibou
i want to read saiki x teruhashi fanfic and there only a handful of them that has a long sotry so i want to do one hope enjoy if you don't then don't read it and if you...
The Consequences of Losing a Bet by Ozzo_Fozzo_Kaizoku
The Consequences of Losing a Betby OzzoFozzo the 8th Pirate Hoka...
Saiki x Teruhashi, a ship from The Disastrous life of Saiki K, please read author's note, you need to know why I'm writing this so I can be less embaressed about it. Fuc...
Saiki and Teruhashi's Final School Year (A Saiki and Teruhashi Fanfiction) by RidTwo
Saiki and Teruhashi's Final RidOne
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan - Without Thinking by tsundere_aibou
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan - Without tsundere_aibou
Saiki Kusuo finds himself in his third year of high school after the events of Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Kanketsu-hen (Conclusion). He's adjusting to his new life... until h...
The Forced Marriage Of A Lazy Devil And An Angel by CEOofCOFFEE
The Forced Marriage Of A Lazy CEOofCOFFEE
The very successful tycoon, Kusuo Saiki, faces a dilemma. He is promised to the universally loved celebrity, Kokomi Teruhashi. He is more than displease after meeting wi...
Teruhashi Always Gets What She Wants by Hela2001
Teruhashi Always Gets What She Hela2001
Teruhashi has hanahaki disease and is told she doesn't have a lot of time. The only way for her to live is to have surgery but she doesn't want to forget what it feels t...
Feelings // Saiki x Teruhashi fanfiction // by iiyashiro
Feelings // Saiki x Teruhashi ette <3
Events fine and poor happen all the time, and with Teruhashi's luck Saiki's life will never be gloomy ever again..
saiki X teruhashi by ZumbaZuu
saiki X teruhashiby ImmaShapeshifter
(spoilers for the anime or manga) ^this is my first story^ so please help me out ~please recommend me stuff to put in the story~ and I love the disastrous life of saiki...
Saiki K One-Shots! by anonymousbandkid
Saiki K One-Shots!by anonymousbandkid
Thank you for choosing to read these stories! I know I'm far from the first to have created Saiki K one-shots, but I hope I can offer some original ideas. I've been a fa...
Away by welp_i_tried
Awayby Beep
-- ⓈⓄⓃⒼⒻⒾⒸ -- {YOᑌ ᗩᖇE ᗰY ᔕᑌᑎᔕᕼIᑎE} -- {ᒪET ᕼEᖇ GO} -- Saiki Kusuo was an enigma. He was so totally unpredictable and seemingly unmotivated that Teruhashi Kokomi found h...
Saiki x Teruhashi Oneshots by Obsessed_Books1013
Saiki x Teruhashi Oneshotsby ☽clinomaniac ☾
Some one-shots that mainly revolve around the same storyline. Might screw around and do a coffee shop au oneshot here too, who knows.
Until Then, Your Life Is In My Hands by Raqquo
Until Then, Your Life Is In My Anon-san
[ You made flowers grow in my lungs, and although they were beautiful, I couldn't breathe ] Hanahaki Disease au in TeruSai, where Teruhashi's understandably unrequited f...
(Saiki x Teruhashi) When The World Falls Apart by HyperFlare8263
(Saiki x Teruhashi) When The Aiden Start
Kusuo Saiki is a psychic that doesn't understand the meaning of love and compassion, but after his world begins to crumble infront of him he realizes how much he needs i...
Yandere Saiki X Teruhashi by xxxlollelxdidkxxx
Yandere Saiki X Teruhashiby A
you know the title yep In this au, some actual cannon stuf from the real show isnt cannon here obviously Also Im basing it to the actual yandere sim game (Currently bein...
2 Psychic Kids From The Future! by RhymeGirle
2 Psychic Kids From The Future!by Rhyme!
Suddenly, Saiki finds himself meeting 2 kids who claim to be his kids. And the mother, is Kokomi Teruhashi. Updates... Sometimes. If theres a week gap between uploads so...
¿Serías Tan Amable De Amarme? || Saiki K (Teruhashi x Saiki) by liesix6
¿Serías Tan Amable De Amarme? || Lily Sixter
Minis- historias sobre esta pareja hermosa :3 Algunos caps son del "pasado" Otros del "futuro"