David X Jasper (Camp camp) by AlesixPN
David X Jasper (Camp camp)by AlesixPN
What will happen if Jasper possesses Max's body just to be with David? Credits to DoritOfAlls.Tumblr for the Art I hope you enjoy the story!
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American Girl~(Muselk/Elliot Watkins Love story) by donttestmeyouwhore
American Girl~(Muselk/Elliot Watki...by donttestmeyouwhore
An American Girl at RTX Sydney? Who knew going to a country for two mouths would flip her world upside down. When Hannah meets Elliott she's thrown for a loop when she f...
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The Rose Of The Cloud (Jon Risinger fanfiction) by AhGavino
The Rose Of The Cloud (Jon Risinge...by What If Your Legs Didn't Know...
Rosaline (Rose) Ramsey, a 23 year old girl who is the daughter of one of the cofounders of Rooster Teeth, Geoff Ramsey. Rose lives with her father and her mother Griffon...
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No Matter What by AlesixPN
No Matter Whatby AlesixPN
"So when I'm gone these words will be here To ease every fear." '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' The long journey to be together. Worth every burning tea...
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