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Chaennie Collection Volume 2 by RR0211
Chaennie Collection Volume 2by TS XI
Volume 1 is on aff 🤧 Posting volume 2 here cause why not 🤷🏻‍♀️
A Symbol of Love | Rosé X Reader by randomfanboii
A Symbol of Love | Rosé X Readerby Lars
You're just an ordinary student, trying to learn more about your mother's culture when to meet a girl as beautiful as a rose. And apparently this girl is the global supe...
Married to Park Chaeyoung (Blackpink's Rosé x Male Reader) by xxHeyDaydreamerxx
Married to Park Chaeyoung ( xxHeyDaydreamerxx
As everyone waits for the comeback of the biggest girl group in the planet, an unexpected news took place instead. The sudden turn of events turned the whole kpop scene...
Never Knew I Needed (Chaelisa) by chaelice_97
Never Knew I Needed (Chaelisa)by Chaeng and Lili 💙💜🍒
Lisa quickly turns her head, hoping her suspicions wasn't correct but then she sees the smooth, pale skin of someone's back and tousled, blonde hair spread out across th...
love me like you mean it // chaelisa by myfatratt
love me like you mean it // myfatratt
being in love was never a problem for chaeyoung and lisa but life had plans of their own. au converted from clexa au // credits to faithangel_3, archiveofourown a chaeli...
for rosie, for lisa (one shots collection) by utterlyours
for rosie, for lisa (one shots utterlyours
a collection of chaelisa one shots (feat. jensoo). taking requests/prompts. all rights reserved to the ones converted (ctto).
Stupid Wife [Chaelisa] by sapphicrosie
Stupid Wife [Chaelisa]by sapphicrosie
*****I DO NOT OWN this story, i just converted it to Chaelisa. All credits go to the original author @ horsinha*****
Jenlisa - When You Realize You Love Her (COMPLETED) by ariokacchan
Jenlisa - When You Realize You Ariokacchan
Lisa is used to get bullied during her junior high school time and once is saved by her senior. Lisa decides to go to the same high school just to meet with her senior a...
missed chance by jenniem__
missed chanceby [on a break]
would you take the chance at love? Even if it's wrong? would you push all through, even if your love is just too impossible to pass? will you? or will you leave it as it...
the smile on my face (chaelisa) by utterlyours
the smile on my face (chaelisa)by utterlyours
It takes Roseanne and Lisa about five seconds to fall in love, but it takes them way too long to realize it. This is that way-too-long. Their love story in which Roseann...
signs | chaennie by bprxse
signs | chaennieby bprxse
When she was 12 years old, Roseanne was in a car accident that killed both of her parents. Since that day, she hasn't spoken a word. Working as a librarian in Port Hope...
Accidentally on Purpose | Chaelisa by whattheheynow
Accidentally on Purpose | Chaelisaby whattheheynow
It starts with a car accident...but it really doesn' starts with an incident at camp 25 years ago. Award Winning actress Lisa Manoban is one of Hollywood biggest s...
The Possessive CEO || JenLisa by rbyjn00
The Possessive CEO || JenLisaby louisekim
She has everything she'd ever desired, and she can have everything she wants with the flick of her fingers... except for one thing... Lalisa Manoban is the CEO of Manob...
and I never (saw you coming) | chaennie by kjnpcy
and I never (saw you coming) | kjnpcy
When fiercely private Jennie Kim is threatened with deportation, she announces that she and her PA, Roseanne Park, are engaged to be married. She'll get her visa, Rosie...
social media shenanigans - taglish by topjendaddy
social media shenanigans - taglishby thirdy
chaennie and friends + social media = chaos Madalas ang prompts ay galing sa TikTok o kaya sa magulo kong isip 😅 Blackpink - Red Velvet - Twice - Aespa - Itzy and many...
Chaennie Oneshots by r_ezquisite
Chaennie Oneshotsby inlove
R 💖 J Just writing out of boredom 😉 Started: June 17, 2021 Ended: ---
taking chances | chaennie by bprxse
taking chances | chaennieby bprxse
Children's librarian Roseanne Park has worked hard to make a comfortable life for herself since aging out of the foster care system. She loves her job but avoids intimat...
Arranged Marriage with You || Chaennie by chaesbaee
Arranged Marriage with You || chaesbaee
In order to advance her career, Jennie married Roseanne, a girl who not only recently became a woman, but was also younger than her by ten years. Since she didn't want t...
Story Of Another Us (Chaelisa) by unholysanji_
Story Of Another Us (Chaelisa)by unholysanji
I do not own this. This is a converted story, all rights belong to the original owner.
Fangirl 3 | Jirose by Anndeukie
Fangirl 3 | Jiroseby Jennierubyjane
"Harmonia" - goddess of harmony and concord. A fangirl name Park Chaeyoung also known as Rosé is same as harmonia? # 1 Jirose # 1 Blacktan