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Crushing over a crush by Mylityllines
Crushing over a crushby Aparna Saraswathi
When some unexpected things happen will they lead to happy endings?
The Ethnographer by ThaiKhueAuthor
The Ethnographerby Thái Khuê
A woman who wanders the world to work with people. A man who shuts himself behind closed doors to work with potions. An activist in daylight; a protector in darkness. An...
Love From Rivalry - A Lesbian Love Story by Armykitty2004
Love From Rivalry - A Lesbian Zippya Queen
She wanted to be number 1 while the other wanted freedom. What will happen to these 2 when they are stuck together for 2 weeks in a forest, running from their enemies. I...
Asshole, kiss me already. by KlYD_lll
Asshole, kiss me KlYD
wherein JAY and WON are enemies They hated each other for stupid reasons. but who knows when no ones looking they might kiss each other or do more?
Let's Just Be - Volume 1 (IASWAA Rewrite) by TaintedRain
Let's Just Be - Volume 1 (IASWAA ashley forshaw
18-year-old Brianne Nichols just wanted her first day of college to go smoothly. But, now that she's suffered through a forced-breakfast with her "dad" and acc...
More alike than we think by GucciArmy07
More alike than we thinkby 𝕂𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕚𝕖 🦋
I don't know what to put for this yet. Lol
One night to forget  by nichils
One night to forget by nichils
JEWEL AREVALO a woman full of dreams for family and herself but in one night it all disappeared because of a night of pleasure and drunkenness changed the woman's life a...
Thought it was Khayr by hre_huderh
Thought it was Khayrby Empress
The elders go on and on about thesame thing when it comes to marriage. Marriage is Hikmah, Marriage is Rahmah, Marriage is Khayr, etc... True that, Nikah(aure) is all of...
𝕋𝔼ℝ𝕀 𝔾𝔸𝕃𝕀𝕐𝔸𝔸ℕ-SIDNAAZ❤️ by shades_of_stories
True love makes u happy and lively but it hurts you and mends u too.. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO @shades_of_stories
Happily Ever Afters - The Myth by Anaya1207
Happily Ever Afters - The Mythby Anaya1207
Located in the city of Quilon in Kerala 8- PoinT Cafe stands out for the quite ambiance it provides. Anyone who visits this enthralling beauty will be enchanted to keep...
Malika by growingupinsane
Malikaby laiba
This book is a sequel to Khalifa and cannot be read as a standalone. To avoid spoilers, description and excerpt are added inside the book. ✵ Started: May 2, 2022. Comple...
Love at 22 by itsssmeeezhei04
Love at 22by Zhei Lopez
Sabi nila, nakakapagod daw ang maghintay. Nakakapagod ang paghihintay sa isang tao na mahalin ka pabalik. Nakakapagod ang umasa sa isang bagay na walang kasiguraduhan. W...
Obey Me! The Pandemonium by Astral_l
Obey Me! The Pandemoniumby Isae
Peace is just temporary... Chaos is eternal... Rumor said the king woke up from his deep slumber and killed the demon prince along with his friends. That included 2 ange...
Artemis by AtlasAnn
Artemisby Atlas Ann
Artemis Spencer is suicidal, all he wishes for is death. For Rose James nothing is as important as life, she must stay alive at all costs. So fate intervenes and puts t...
•Ruthless• by booksmusicfood4life
•Ruthless•by booksmusicfood4life
Ongoing Tropes: explicit dares/one bed/ fake dating/ cleans wounds/jealousy/ enemies to Lovers and many more tw: rape, bdsm, unconsentual sex, depression, violence, ed...
You are our Light! (ZaintSee/ZeeSaint) by SunshineMoonlights27
You are our Light! (ZaintSee/ Stargazer
A story about how Saint, a single dad raises his son all by himself and never thought that he needs the other parent to be in the child-raising. Is it too late to accept...
LOVE IS TROUBLESOME ! by _Jessica_ga
Love story Lyrics by TessasSpace
Love story Lyricsby TessasSpace
A collection of love stories as song lyrics // poetry // prose. From falling in love to breaking up and the love you have for friends and family. Some I may come back to...
Cannot Be by accoladee
Cannot Beby amor.e
Abby I let him enter my life. He promised. I trusted. He broke it. This story is only fictional and doesn't mean to insult other people's culture.
You deserve the absolute best, and we've got it. by rakeshp24
You deserve the absolute best,
Anaconda XL is the first and only proprietary patent-pending dual product system, that when combined with nano-absorb Amino Acid Drops, is scientifically studied to incr...