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Storms and Everlasting Silence by Manang15
Storms and Everlasting Silenceby Artemis Fox Jackson
I love love love the Storm and Silence Series by Sir Rob Thier! This is a Fanfic!! Based on Storm and Silence, In the Eye of The Storm and Silence is Golden! These stor...
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The Storm's Silence by xxdreamer_xx
The Storm's Silenceby XxwhisperofdreamsxX
Hey Ifrits! This is my entry for Sir Rob's fanfiction contest. Hope you enjoy :)
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When Ice Loved Fire || An S&S Fan-fiction by fz_angelica
When Ice Loved Fire || An S&S Fouziya
5 Chapters || Completed Based on Storm & Silence by Robert Thier. A/N: Forgive me if you feel like I haven't shown enough justice to Sir Rob's amazing characters.
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Safe and Sound by mariyaisme
Safe and Soundby Mariya
The night was dangerous. The roaring thunder, piercing lightning, stormy wind and excessive rainfall did nothing but made the night all the more dangerous. But I wasn't...
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Silence of His Heart | Fanfiction - Storm and Silence by bygabrielambrose
Silence of His Heart | ambrose
A One Shot story of the Storm and Silence Series.
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The Storm Silenced by maddycolton
The Storm Silencedby madison
Ever heard of the Storm and Silence series by Robert Thier? If not, check it out right away. If you have and are now looking for a fanfiction about it because you just c...
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Impact (Storm and Silence Series Fanfiction) by empropathy
Impact (Storm and Silence Series mirro kaleido
In a nutshell, Lillian Linton is a feminist and Rikkard Ambrose is a stingy tycoon. (The image used for the story cover is not mine.)
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THE IDENTICALS by anniebeck
THE IDENTICALSby Anita Sebastian
Meet Alex A local teenage girl with big dreams but can't seem to fulfill them because she lives in a foster home who doesn't care... But some hidden truths when exposed...
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Storm And Silence Quotes by LillyRikkard57
Storm And Silence Quotesby LillyRikkard57
Quotes from Storm and Silence series by Rob Thier
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The Ambroses • S&S by youngadelaide
The Ambroses • S&Sby Amy
The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of family
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Marry Me, Will You? by theavadakedavra
Marry Me, Will You?by Ava
Will she say yes? Or run for the hills? This is a S+S Fanfiction and inspired from the movie Leap Year. I own neither and all credit goes to them. Also, this is in dial...
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Storm and Silence Fanfiction by grace_0925
Storm and Silence Fanfictionby Grace
In an era where men and woman aren't considered equal, Lilly Linton finds herself working for Great Britain's richest business mogul: Mr Rikkard Ambrose. Silent and cold...
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Ice and Flames by kalzone
Ice and Flamesby aracelia
The dynamic of boss and employee has resumed after a stormy trip back from Isle Marbeau. As a recap, Mr. Ambrose had almost confessed his growing attachment to the ifrit...
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Mother Earth  by DollyXavieraAmbrose
Mother Earth by Onyeabor Gift U
I realize that we have a lot of people to connect to in the world million miles away, thereby, bridging the gap that distance created in the world. However, this is some...
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Book Reviews : ;   Loving Watt Pad by KarenSampson
Book Reviews : ; Loving Watt Padby Karen Sampson
My opinion on some watt pad stories!! I have to say this loudly so please listen!!!! THIS IS MY OPINION!!! ALL STORIES I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT WILL EITHER BE PRAISED OR C...
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the girl in jumpsuits by Courtsey2000
the girl in jumpsuitsby Courtsey2000
Nobody believes in love until they fall, for Kara it's different because she stop believing in love when she fell for the most hunky guy in town...Join Kara and Chrisvin...
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    POETIC JUSTICE by Talented_Poet
POETIC JUSTICEby Poetic_Justice
Hey talented people, this is my piece of work. I'm going to publish my own poetry compilation and an autobiography. I have been write for a couple of years and I don't w...
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Storm and Silence Edits by LuvxLi
Storm and Silence Editsby Luvlithings
Hello there! I've been quite obsessed with the 'Storm and Silence" series by Robert Thier and with nothing better to do, I've created some edits that I can use as w...
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