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Mr Ambrose's POV by LambroseUWU
Mr Ambrose's POVby Amanpreet Kaur
Greetings, fellow Ifrits! This book has Mr Ambrose's POV, from all 6 books in the Storm and Silence series, as found in the published version. For those of you guys who...
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Silence of His Heart | Fanfiction - Storm and Silence by bygabrielambrose
Silence of His Heart | ambrose
A One Shot story of the Storm and Silence Series.
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Her Storm and Silence (S&S Series One Shots) by burgersforbob
Her Storm and Silence (S&S Allie
This will be a collect of one shots about the Storm and Silence Series by Rob Thier! I assume you're here on a non-wednesday day and I am here to provide you with some f...
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Flowered Storm | a Strom and Silence Fanfiction by heyitis_j
Flowered Storm | a Strom and Jéssica
Mr. Ambrose drags Lilly to Portugal in order to do business. Little does she know, she's being led into war zone, where rutless populars just want to overthrow the gover...
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Ambrosian Expeditions: Lillian Linton & Rikkard Ambrose by protegoyoureggo
Ambrosian Expeditions: Lillian CosmicWulf
A set of one shots waiting for you Ambrosian fans to read! Join Rikkard Ambrose and Lillian Linton through a couple of their made up moments and adventures (by me) they'...
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What If • S&S  by youngadelaide
What If • S&S by Amy
A wise woman once said, that a man who is too set in his ways will only be left behind. Rikkard Ambrose believed that change would never effect him, everything would rem...
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Rays Of Sunshine (A Storm And Silence's Fanfiction) by thejumpingduck_
Rays Of Sunshine (A Storm And thejumpingduck
Several years have passed since our heroine Lillian Linton married the richest man in England Rikkard Ambrose,and now they live in tranquility with their daughter ,they...
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A Swim In The Storm (#AStormOfFanFiction) by Jolly214
A Swim In The Storm ( Jolly214
There are many Ambralilly moments we have seen and been through together. I have imagined many more and wondered how their life would turn out. One moment I'd like to sh...
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Taken by Quinie_ikpoti
Takenby queeneth ikpoti
*A storm of fanfiction* #A silence breaking fanfiction # He says "knowledge is power is time is money" But what happens when his "little ifrit" is ge...
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My Little Ifrit by cjck13
My Little Ifritby cjck13
These are one shots of the storm and silence series written by the talented Rob Their. I do not claim any of the characters, these one shot are solely based of the amazi...
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Behind the Storm & Silence by GiGlee_
Behind the Storm & Silenceby Shan Wagh
Lord Dalgleish pointed his pistol at Mr.Amrbose. He had his back to the blonde headed Lord. I snapped my head towards them. As if in slow motion, the world moved. Somewh...
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Storm and Silence series book 4 #Fangirling❤️👯 by kaniharpanda
Storm and Silence series book 4 It's Me, Happiness!
Just to inform you people about the book ☺️
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Powerless  (A Storm and Silence fanfiction) by CarineCamilton
Powerless (A Storm and Silence Ccagreste
*Fanfiction of Lilly and Ambrose* Knowledge is power is time is money. He has the knowledge. He has time. He has the money. And he has the power, but it is not the case...
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Dangerous Silence by ifrit5789
Dangerous Silenceby Janavik
Another file is missing and once again, Rikkard Ambrose, the richest financier of Britain and Ireland and his cross dressing secretary and fiery feminist, Lillian Linton...
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Where The Sun Doesn't Shine (A Storm and Silence fanfiction) by dilwidit
Where The Sun Doesn't Shine (A Jewel
A collection of one-shots for Robert Thier's amazing books, the Storm and Silence trilogy/series (let's hope he'll make it a series) DISCLAIMER : I do not own the chara...
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Darkness(A Storm and Silence Fanfiction) by Berkeley21
Darkness(A Storm and Silence Berkeley21
"I never trust, but I always verify" These words of Rikkard Ambrose, richest man in England led to him pushing away all who attempted to form close relatio...
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Tales of the Fiery Ifrit and the Iceberg (Storm and Silence One-Shots) by books_n_music
Tales of the Fiery Ifrit and the April Emery
Dear Reader, Hello and thanks for stopping by! I know you're probably here because you're waiting for that special update day, which I am too. So, you most likely went...
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Breaking Mr Ambrose by books_n_music
Breaking Mr Ambroseby April Emery
It happened so fast. I knew that having a woman in my employment would be dangerous, but I foolishly believed I could obtain happiness if she stayed in my life. Like a...
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The Storm Silenced by maddycolton
The Storm Silencedby madison
Ever heard of the Storm and Silence series by Robert Thier? If not, check it out right away. If you have and are now looking for a fanfiction about it because you just c...
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Finally (A Storm and Silence Fanfiction) ✔️ by ntlpurpolia
Finally (A Storm and Silence 🇭🇰NICOLE✝️LAM🇨🇦
For Rob Thier's fanfiction contest!!! TAKES PLACE AFTER SILENCE IS GOLDEN, BUT BEFORE SILENCE BREAKING! Lilly and her friends have organized another feminist demonstrat...
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