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Revelations brought on by a Slytherin by slyther-bi
Revelations brought on by a Ash Lynx
//I own none of these characters// Severus makes several remarks about him being gay hoping it'll get Potter to leave him alone but sadly his words bring upon him the op...
I Can't Sleep by BlackRose779
I Can't Sleepby BlackRose779
☆ "I know how you feel..." "Oof, I sure hope not Potter. This shit hurts..." ☆ "I promise it's not poisoned." "Well you're offering me...
Lucky by DemonMavis
Luckyby DemonMavis
A bunch of Oneshots focusing on Remus Lupin during the Marauder's Era. Remus Lupin X James Potter
Your lips are venomous poison by drowned_plum
Your lips are venomous poisonby drowned_plum
Remus doesn't speak to Sirius. Sirius doesn't accept himself. James is trying too hard. And none of them sees that they cannot live without each other.
Betrayed Severus by SlytherinQueen20098
Betrayed Severusby Little Rose
Lily betrays Severus by telling Sirius about his crush on him. They marauders are pissed at Lily for betraying someone trust and then Sirius, Severus, Remus and James go...
boyfriends by madeyenat
boyfriendsby Nate
wolfstarbucks (James/Sirius/Remus ) headcanons
to speak or to die by maryslouisv
to speak or to dieby olive ⭑
Welcome! This fic is told from James' older POV. Think of it as him reflecting on this story years later and sharing it with someone else. In theory, it would be helpfu...
The Magical Archives by Water_Doodles
The Magical Archivesby Water_Doodles
Harry Potter FanFictions that won't leave my head😝 My twin mates is the second chapter 🙂
Last Hope  by AlexRiley17
Last Hope by AlexRiley17
Not my art!!!! Draconius Malfoy lost his entire world but always refuses to give up hope on getting his family back. He fights to bring them back while everyone else gav...
Mauraders one shots by _-goth-moth-_
Mauraders one shotsby Scotty
Just a bunch of Mauraders one shots I have wanted to write but haven't yet :D Feel free to input suggestions for fic ideas and I'll try my best to write it as long as it...
Wishful Thinking by warblerklaine
Wishful Thinkingby warblerklaine
Remus Lupin, James Potter's best friend. James Potter, the boy who is in love with a beautiful girl named Lily Evans. Remus, however, has feelings for James. In which Re...
Marauder's group chat.  by PurpleAlienHuff
Marauder's group chat. by 2Skeletoi
Mooney added Prongs, Padfoot and Wormtail to 'marauders' -in this chat, Remus and James are dating and they are still working on the map.
 Asymmetrical | P. Pettigrew by PinkCottonClouds
Asymmetrical | P. Pettigrewby ːLittle BlueBellː
[•Cover by microwavedcoffee] Born from the same womb and sharing the same features, Simon and Peter couldn't be anymore different from each other. Whereas one was coward...
And They All Lived Happily Ever After • Moonchaser by planetprongs
And They All Lived Happily Ever 𝐑▪︎𝐚▪︎𝐯▪︎𝐞▪︎𝐧
In the countryside forest, a large house stood covered in vines and flowers sprouting from them. Trees grew around it, making the place look ethereal. Something from a s...
The betrayal by SlytherinQueen20098
The betrayalby Little Rose
Ginny kills Harry after he tells her they aren't getting back together ever again cause he is gay. The rest of the Weasleys and his friends understand and accept him. Th...
Werewolf's Lover  by PurpleAlienHuff
Werewolf's Lover by 2Skeletoi
James Potter is a known animagi. Remus John Lupin is a known submissive werewolf. Submissive werewolves are not seen as threats in the wizards eye. James and Remus alr...