Human! Puppet (Marionette) x reader by Marionette352
Human! Puppet (Marionette) x readerby Marionette352
(Y/N) is the new security guard and the new and improved Freddy Fazbears Pizza! After working there for an amount if time and getting to know all the animatronics, she s...
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La historia jamás contada FNAF (Puppet y tu) [EDITANDO] by KarmyP
La historia jamás contada FNAF (Pu...by Karmy
~La polémica pizzería abre sus puertas. Todos están ansiosos por ver el local lleno de niños, como antaño lo estuvo. ~"There was never just one."~
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°°\¿¡yɑɳɗɛʀɛ!?/°° by Undertalerose
°°\¿¡yɑɳɗɛʀɛ!?/°°by Undertalerose
!UNDER EDITING PLZ WAIT! ɱɑʀiѳɳɛttɛ x ʀɛɑɗɛʀ You have something the puppet wants but he forgot about what he wanted from you and starts to fall in love...
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