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Altered Destinies by Anaklusmos14
Altered Destiniesby Anaklusmos14
Instead of a somewhat happy childhood with his mother, Percy is orphaned and on the streets by the age of ten. Found and taken in by the most unlikely of gods, Percy is...
When Mechanics Meet (PJO / Avengers ) by storymaker1235
When Mechanics Meet (PJO / storymaker1235
Tony Stark's mother dies and leves him with her diary. In this, he discovers that he had a half sister, Esperanza Valdez. He learns that even though she is dead her son...
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Was It Worth It? by HouseStark04
Was It Worth It?by Riley Andrews
COMPLETELY EDITED WARNING: SLIGHT GORE Percy Jackson has survived the great war but not everyone else was so lucky. He's lost his whole world, just like that. The seven...
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Worthy of the Sea ✔️ by KayeM0412
Worthy of the Sea ✔️by KayeM0412
Zeus must've said something because Poseidon visibly sighed and looked away with a dangerous scowl. Perci's father collapsed into a puddle of sea water, disappearing to...
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The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A What? by SerinaTheNerd
The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A SerinaTheNerd
Find out what happens when a certain demigod finds out that there's a hidden part to his mother's side of the family, that even she doesn't know about. Harry and the ga...
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Sea Spawn by indashadow
Sea Spawnby sUp kIdDoS
*I don't own Percy Jackson nor Young Justice* Percy became desperate after Kronos's return to escape camp. He didn't want to see what he saw again. Needing a break, he...
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lunar witch · jason grace by -hoemonious
lunar witch · jason graceby - ̗̀ yusra ̖́-
she's mad, but she's magic and there's no lie in the greek fire in her heart. jason grace x oc [ THE LOST HERO | STARTED 7/5/18 - ENDED TBA ] [ #1 IN JASON GRACE - 31/0...
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The Intruder by Icey5105
The Intruderby Icey
Uses Young Justice script from IAmTheLastDragonLord (from archive of our own). "You're not here to let me go, are you?" "No." Batman answered anyway...
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Percabeth: Betrayed By Home by MeAndPercabeth
Percabeth: Betrayed By Homeby JK
When Annabeth gets pregnant, Percabeth gets kicked out of camp along with a few others. Who will have kids? They are being hunted by the gods and goddesses and their try...
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craving |PERCY JACKSON| [book 1] by Jackisnotokay
craving |PERCY JACKSON| [book 1]by Jackisnotokay
she craved to belong in a world full of monsters, gods, and magic. he just craved to be normal. sometimes you don't always get what you want. [book 1 in the Unclaimed Da...
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Percy Jackson: Agent Of SHIELD, Part Time Avenger by JustAFandomLover
Percy Jackson: Agent Of SHIELD, Unoriginal Writer
Percy Jackson, after the war with Gaea, Percy has decided that he wanted a break from quests and wars. He leaves for the mortal world not wanting to come back until he f...
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Percy Jackson - Back from Tartarus | {нιαтυѕ} by save_me_im_fine
Percy Jackson - Back from a6d's french sister
Our hero, once known as Percy Jackson, was thrown into Tartarus for a crime he didn't commit. During his time there, which was twenty earth years and two hundred Tartaru...
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Blue (Jercy) by starryid
Blue (Jercy)by starry eyed
(High school AU) Percy: The boy you see in class with messy hair and torn jeans. The "bad boy" who constantly gets detention from Mr.D. Some say he's troubled...
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Interruption (IN PROGRESS) by Sboyle92
Interruption (IN PROGRESS)by FanofFandoms
This is the fourth book in the Multiverse series. This is part 1, the 2nd part will be Percy Jackson/LOTR. Fem!Percy God!Percy
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When the Arrow Flies - A Pertemis Story by Chaos3127
When the Arrow Flies - A Chaos3127
Percy Jackson, the great hero, had been relieved for the defeat of the Earth Mother, Gaea, only to turn around and find out that the love of his love, Annabeth Chase, ha...
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Not a Hunter by flickgoddess
Not a Hunterby flickgoddess
A daughter of Apollo disappears and in the search for her Will Solace, Nico di Angelo, and Leo Valdez find an even bigger surprise than they ever imagined. The question...
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Annabeth's Desires (Percabeth) by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Annabeth's Desires (Percabeth)by LoveLifeBooks4eva
**CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT, READ AT OWN RISK** Annabeth Chase, 17, daughter of Athena, is having desires even she can't explain. After defeating Krones, stopping Gaia an...
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The Unknown Parent and Child by smscotty
The Unknown Parent and Childby love to write
Percy's mom died to cancer and he is now in fosters care. Until a lawyer sees Sally's will and ask Percy's dad, Poseidon, to watch after him. How will this work out? Wil...
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Madness. by blxrrygays
#19 kįñg øf thē gåÿš
"Who are you, really?" "Wouldn't you like to know." "Yeah, I would actually." This takes place on the Argo and I messed up the timeline...
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Breathe With Me (One, Two, Three) by Yukimoto-Namikaze
Breathe With Me (One, Two, Three)by Yuki
This is an SPN/PJO crossover. It's posted on my account Lukas Avier. I thought I'd transfer it here for y'all. - Summary: Dean didn't know what he did w...
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