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More Than Normal (DISCONTINUED) by Tiaban1
More Than Normal (DISCONTINUED)by - ParisGirl34
After team Scorpion picked up a simple job to get some software, it turns intense when a one of the members of Scorpion gets suddenly targeted, and the only one with the...
Scorpion Oneshots by KSPAseries
Scorpion Oneshotsby The Elite Four
A collection of all scorpion one-shots.All ships are welcome please leave your comments below.
Waige oneshots by Cherrydog3
Waige oneshotsby Author ~Isa~
I don't own scorpion and the characters and this doesn't follow any of the episodes or story line but some will.
3x21 one shots by scorpionfan197
3x21 one shotsby Scorpion fan
Just cute Waige fluffyness if the ep didn't cut off when it did.
I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic by ScorpionCyclone555
I'm So Glad I Found You : ScorpionCyclone555
Young girl with a name and a past, that's all they know and that's all she'll tell. She's scared, strong and all alone in this world. Not for long though, perhaps she's...
Earning Trust by scorpionfan197
Earning Trustby Scorpion fan
Walter goes to Lake Tahoe and Paige tells him he needs to show her that he can be in a relationship with her. I'm really bad at summaries so please just give this story...
Unexpected Miracles(A Baby Quintis) by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Unexpected Miracles(A Baby Quintis)by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Happy is pregnant and wondering how on earth she is going to be a good mother when she can't even understand herself but her and Toby will learn through it, because afte...
3x17 one shot  by scorpionfan197
3x17 one shot by Scorpion fan
Paige confronts Walter about her fear...
don't forget me {waige} by soyeon4eva
don't forget me {waige}by ˗ˏˋ 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦 ˎˊ˗
Scorpion by Scorpionquintiss
Scorpionby Scorpionquintiss
When Mark collins escapes prision, hes looking for revenge. Will our favourite team of geniuses beat him or crumble under his dirty, dirty battle tactics? Watch relation...
Our Life Falls into the Hands of Another by streakyglasses
Our Life Falls into the Hands of Allie
A book of Quintis one shots that cover everything! Summaries/notes/ warnings will be in bold at the beginning or end of a story. Enjoy!
to be human {waige} by soyeon4eva
to be human {waige}by ˗ˏˋ 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦 ˎˊ˗
❝ to be human is to love ; even when it gets too much ; i'm not ready to give up. ❞
Scorpion 2.0 by lekhkhandelwl
Scorpion 2.0by lekhkhandelwl
Scorpion fanfic I didn't like the cliffhanger it ended on This story is gonna start from where the last episode ended. This is my first book please give me a chance😅. ...
Scorpion/ Quintis one shots by Scorpionquintiss
Scorpion/ Quintis one shotsby Scorpionquintiss
So this is take three on trying to write a decent book, i decided to have a shot at writing some one-shots, (mainly quintis ones,some waige parts and possibly some calli...
Maybe it's Waige, Maybe it's Kelyes by thefrenchiefry
Maybe it's Waige, Maybe it's Kelyesby Thefrenchiefry
A mix of short stories of Waige and Kelyes possibly some Quintis idk yet This is how the structure of my book is going. There will be a Waige story (1-5 parts) then a Ke...
•Peter Pan• Scorpion Fan Fiction by FanfictionCentral234
•Peter Pan• Scorpion Fan Fictionby Fanfiction Central
Genius Walter O'Brien and his team consisting of a human calculator, a behaviorist, a mechanical prodigy, a Homeland Security agent and a single mother have saved countl...
Paris by scorpionfan197
Parisby Scorpion fan
Paige and Walter are in Paris, what does Walter have planned?
3x23, 3x24, 3x25 one shots  by scorpionfan197
3x23, 3x24, 3x25 one shots by Scorpion fan
One shots following Waige and the last three episodes of the season.
The cyclone continues by MissDreamyPie
The cyclone continuesby MissDreamyPie
The cyclone has drifted apart, bonds are broken and trust has been tested. What will happen on the waltcon scale now Walter's anchor has left his side. How does scorpi...
A happy ending to Scorpion's S4E22 cliffhanger by 0Adiber
A happy ending to Scorpion's Adiber
A screenplay, that gives a happy ending to the ending of season 4 episode 22. Read it here: