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A Matter Of Time - A Percival Graves Story by _evendeadimthehero
A Matter Of Time - A Percival _evendeadimthehero
COMPLETE! Valerie Forrest is a mysterious woman from London who goes to New York City in search of a new life. Nothing is as it seems. This story will not be based dire...
Are You Mister Graves? {Percival Graves x Reader} by Bellynta
Are You Mister Graves? {Percival ⊱Ѧṧḯαη ℱαηḟ☤¢ Шґḯ☂ℯґ⊰
It's 1920 in New York city. An Auror, Director of Magical Security and head of MACUSA's Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Percival Graves, meets a new Auror who has...
OC One Shots by _itssamanthaa
OC One Shotsby Sam
A little book to write out the random story ideas I get in my head. These are my personal OCs that I created for characters that I find interesting. Current fandoms I am...
Percival Graves Imagines by sin-namon
Percival Graves Imaginesby sin-namon
Requests are open ❤️ rated M just in case
Change of Heart [Percival Graves x OC Fanfiction] by Eljion
Change of Heart [Percival Graves Eljion
Lorraine Adkins has a very special place in Percival Graves heart but will she notice if his place is taken by dangerous wizard Grindelvald? And what if the new man wil...
✓ | CALAMITY ↺ NEWT SCAMANDER by riseofahsoka
✓ | CALAMITY ↺ NEWT SCAMANDERby gone to @chancelloramidala
Gramander Oneshots by belovedbey
Gramander Oneshotsby Bey
My ongoing collection of Gramander oneshots... These can also be found on my Tumblr and Archive Of Our Own accounts under the same name <3
The No-Maj and his Witch // Credence Barebone - ✔️(Editing and Slight Rewriting) by thesmallteaspoon
The No-Maj and his Witch // Squeam
Persephone Goldstein was a force to be reckoned with while she was by herself and was an even bigger force once she had her sisters backing her up. She was reckless and...
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them...Continued. by LunaPage
Fantastic Beasts and Where to LunaPage
Written from every main character's perspective, this book starts from the point the movie ends, when Newt sails away, and moves onward from that point. So far, Newt has...
{Fantastic beasts AU fic} Forever yours (Gradence) by Earn_book4life
{Fantastic beasts AU fic} Earn_book4life
ต่อให้ผมต้องตายซักกี่ครั้ง ผมก็จะไม่มีวันลืมคุณ ไม่มีวันลืมทุกสัมผัส ทุกถ้อยคำ ทุกการกระทำ ไม่มีวันลืมว่าคุณทำร้ายผมไว้มากแค่ไหน ไม่มีวัน...
Forever Forgotten [Book Two] by superdaleklock
Forever Forgotten [Book Two]by superdaleklock
"Who you are is far more important than what you are. What you are is more general; it's society sticking a label on you and telling you how you should act, react a...
Hush... (Credence Barebone x oc) by AestheticallyHorny
Hush... (Credence Barebone x oc)by Gabi
Credence Barebone was even more broken after being nearly killed by the obscurus. He was broken and alone when Angel found him and she swore he'll never feel like that...
{fic fantastic beast AU} The nanny guide book [Gradence] by Earn_book4life
{fic fantastic beast AU} The Earn_book4life
เพอร์ซิวัล เกรฟส์ นักธุรกิจหนุ่มพ่อหม้ายลูกติด ต้องการพี่เลี้ยงให้ลูกชายวัยเจ็ดขวบ เครเดนซ์ แบร์โบน ต้องการเพียงมีชีวิตรอดไปวันๆ เจมส์ อเล็กซานเดอร์ เกรฟส์ ต้องการให้ป๊ะ...
The Second Salem [Book One] by superdaleklock
The Second Salem [Book One]by superdaleklock
"The boy was beautiful, he knew that. But still young. Still innocent. And yet still in need of his help." This story will contain spoilers. This is a story th...
Fantastic Beasts and where to find them imagines by sincerlykate
Fantastic Beasts and where to sincerlykate
All of these stories come from tumblr I will put the name with the stories for copyright reasons and if they have no name they're mine that I've created.
Obsession {~Gradence~}  by UnstableX_Graham
Obsession {~Gradence~} by UnstableX_Graham
A monstrous thing terrorizes New York. Both the Wizarding World and the No-Majs are panicked. Even though the wizards know that only a magical creature could do somethin...
Mister graves? by xcaptxin
Mister graves?by xcaptxin
{Percival graves X reader} You were an auror for the ministry of magic but you had recently transferred to MACUSA. Not going to give a lot away in the description so jus...
A Father's Daughter//Percival Graves by rose-mccoy
A Father's Daughter//Percival rose-mccoy
((I DO NOT OWN ANY FBAWTFT CHARACTERS OR MOVIES AND ANY AHS:COVEN INSPIRED ASPECTS))Percival Graves is a respected auror at MUSACA. He's intimidating at times and seriou...
Revelio | A Fantastic Beasts Fanfiction | by HappyHogan
Revelio | A Fantastic Beasts Happy Hogan
JOSEPHINE GOLDSTEIN is the oldest of The Goldstein sisters and perhaps the smartest and most awarded of them all. As second in command behind Percival Graves in the Depa...