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pyaar aur nafrath [abhira ff] by lovely_nightingale
pyaar aur nafrath [abhira ff]by 𝙁𝘼𝙃𝙈𝘼
this story is based on the third generation of yrkkh. the story revolves around abhi, who is completely changed from a happy young man to a cold hearted man. His brother...
Tanhaiyan | neirohi by Jhalak-
Tanhaiyan | neirohiby jk
• Two people who felt unwanted, A marriage which no one wanted. • Aarohi Goenka-Birla was a person who never knew what hit her, until it was too late. Let it...
Dr.Aarohi  by Katarisrija
Dr.Aarohi by Katarisrija
just my perspective of Dr.Arohi's character and the story if u r not ok with it its fine but pls no negativity n hatred Just an ff from 3rd Gen of yrkkh
Unwanted Marriage  by aesthetic1296
Unwanted Marriage by C A S S I E
A story of Arohi goenka and Neil birla who hates eachother for whatever happened in their siblings wedding and don't want to see eachothers face ever but destiny has ano...
Neirohi by kazi_world143
Neirohiby zara
Padlo 😅
(YRKKH) ye roohi ki kahani hai by Kratyaksh
(YRKKH) ye roohi ki kahani haiby kratyaksh
It is after roohi started to hate abhir Arohi and roohi shifted to Mumbai after abhinav's death Akshara and Abhimanyu got married (akshara was not pregnant). 10 years...
Barrels of Love and Dream by anonymous_whispers
Barrels of Love and Dreamby whispers of the heart
This fanfiction is going to be based on the timeline after the bus accident. Our kaira survived the accident but something else happened which was really shocking. Read...
Neirohi One Shots by -Masteroogway-
Neirohi One Shotsby A wise soul
One shots about Neil and Arohi goenka are in this book. Cover cc: @tiddlytoes
Neirohi Marriage. by aishwarya_sharma2111
Neirohi aishwarya_sharma2111
I know neirohi are no more but i am not over from them yet so i am going to write a story on how i wanted them to be and their marriage.
Neirohi FF. by shreya674
Neirohi Shreya
This is a Neirohi fan fiction. Most of the scenarios are based on my own imagination and characters are not exactly same as the show. This is my first ff on anything and...
My Enemy  by kaalika16
My Enemy by kaalika16
I like theirs "Tashan" in the show, so I thought write something on them.
Chalte Chalte  by anishaReddy981
Chalte Chalte by ani
what if neil never died but akshara faces miscarriage for which Abhimanyu and the birlas blame her and she leaves the house broken then she meets abhinav another book...
Between the Chaos by chanchal2035
Between the Chaosby chanchal2035
Improvising the Neirohi ❣️
Neirohi  by charmingmystery1
Neirohi by Moon lit
This story will starts from the sence when everyone were against Neil and aarohi marriage.......
Fragments of Fate: Love, Loss, and Second Chances by neirohikirooh
Fragments of Fate: Love, Loss, neirohikirooh
A web of love, loss, and resilience binds Abhimanyu Birla, haunted by his brother's disappearance, to Akshara Abhinav Sharma, scarred by miscarriage and two divorces. Ar...
AAROHI  by Sakya99
AAROHI by Amulya
This story is mostly one short or short stories . This story starts after neil broke the engagement with aaru . What happened after that is the story. In this story the...
Do We Change? by reallyfictional
Do We Change?by reallyfictional
Aarohi Goenka and Neil Birla - these two names don't go together right ? Ask Abhimanyu Birla, the brother of Neil ,and he will answer it with a big yes . But then there'...
A new beginning  by khadijawritings__
A new beginning by yahanwahanhaitu__
Two incomplete souls met each other . They are being left abondoned n alone in this world still not find anyone for themselves but being having a hope of finding one per...