coffee || Swaggersouls by OakleyDokey
coffee || Swaggersoulsby OakleyDokey
Rated mature (18+) for a reason - All Blake wanted was a warm ride home. But after meeting Eric, her life turns upside down.
  • zuckles
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  • drugs
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Fortuity | McCreamy by foolishcreamy
Fortuity | McCreamyby foolish
for·tu·i·ty /fôrˈto͞oədē/ (noun) a chance; occurrence. Started: 10/21/18
  • gaybabygang
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Gay Baby Gang Shit by 552batman612
Gay Baby Gang Shitby 552batman612
Imagine living in a house with 5 knuckle heads, and being best friends with all of them. Yep your officially part of the Gay Baby Gang. Your welcome...... You live in a...
  • idk
  • kyroz
  • misfits
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best friends (zuckles) by omittophobia
best friends (zuckles)by omittophobia
[COMPLETED] in which mason falls in love with a girl named hattie..
  • zuckles
  • bordie
  • csgo
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Jealousy | Zuckles by unknownbithc
Jealousy | Zucklesby holly
good things take time ♡
  • smii7y
  • misfits
  • mccreamy
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Distance || TobyOnTheTele by OakleyDokey
Distance || TobyOnTheTeleby OakleyDokey
Rated Mature (18+) for a reason - Caroline was making it big, and she was afraid to confront it. Her subscribers didn't even know what she looked like. After a short not...
  • toby
  • kryoz
  • zuckles
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WARM TOUCHES! ⟶ ( goodguyfitz ) by themisfiitz
WARM TOUCHES! ⟶ ( goodguyfitz )by sensitive whore🥀
❝stop pushing me away and tell me why❞ ❝because I'm afraid of what we could be❞ #1 IN GBG
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  • gắng
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Gay Baby Gang/Misfits Imagines by AWYEAHMRKRABS
Gay Baby Gang/Misfits Imaginesby cutting onions
Imagines of the boys ; mostly fluff and cute scenarios maybe some angst in there somewhere I'll try to update regularly, and get stories of all the gang requests are op...
  • gaybabygang
  • misfits
philophobia ➟ gbg headcanons by chatlor
philophobia ➟ gbg headcanonsby chatlor
headcanons with the faves because why not
  • fitz
  • gaybabygang
  • swaggersouls
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Total Drama Island • Olivia's Story by JubileeJigsaw
Total Drama Island • Olivia's Storyby JubileeJigsaw
Olivia joins her older brother, Trent, in competing against 21 other campers for the grand prize: $100,000. Edit (September 13, 2018): Now on Quotev! https://www.quotev...
  • cartoonnetwork
  • codyxoc
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Heart Eyes {McCreamy x Reader} by twatpadoffical
Heart Eyes {McCreamy x Reader}by ass
just another Jay fanfic
  • fitz
  • raccooneggs
  • xreader
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Broken Misfits by FlyingElephantsx
Broken Misfitsby nity ★彡
"So deal, okay?" "What about?" "If you kill yourself, I'll kill myself too." "Alright. But if you kill yourself, then I'll kill myself...
  • teen
  • school
  • humour
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Smartass Jocks & Nerdy Misfits (boyxboy) by Maddydrey
Smartass Jocks & Nerdy Misfits (bo...by DREY
The high school pyramid was always what we feared and believed in. With the popular people in the top and losers at the bottom. Finn Bryton, a well-known nerd wi...
  • love
  • romance
  • lgbt
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It's a she and I'm addicted. (girlxgirl) by tarantinotoby
It's a she and I'm addicted. (girl...by :):
She isn't what she seems, she's nothing but a dream. Ally wasn't someone whom you would call "good," in fact she was the complete opposite. Nesa was into one...
  • school
  • fictions
  • highschool
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Misfits (Jughead Jones) by McrMarvelLoki
Misfits (Jughead Jones)by McrMarvelLoki
Riverdale was a normal suburban American town. Half the people pretended to be perfect and the other half didn't bother to put on a façade for the world. Nothing unusual...
  • alicecooper
  • riverdale
  • josiemcoy
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Days Of Infinity | McCreamy Fanfic ©  by McCreamysFanBase
Days Of Infinity | McCreamy Fanfic...by Cream✌🏻
This fanfic was previously written by another wattpad writer known by @xxmadskxx but she didn't want to write it anymore I'm not gonna go into detail bc it isn't my plac...
  • zuckles
  • jay
  • swaggersouls
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Misfits smut~ by YEEEE33T
Misfits smut~by Marine.
I do recommendations of (person) x reader, and (person 1) x (person 2). I'm mostly good at doing stories of the GBG, since I know them best. If you recommend a person I...
  • swaggersouls
  • tobyonthetele
  • lewd
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School SPIRIT (Monster Girls X Reader) by RorschachWhoLaughs
School SPIRIT (Monster Girls X Rea...by VillainofYourDreams
Descriptions Are Dumb. It's October. I like scary movies. Here's an idea I had.
  • comedy
  • harem
  • darkhumor
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instagram||swaggersouls by madmileven39
instagram||swaggersoulsby awkward™️
I'm trying a new style of writing enjoy
  • mccreamy
  • fanfiction
  • inotorious
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You Never Know | The Misfits by Vagabond_Wockee
You Never Know | The Misfitsby Lucy Vagabond
When the crew end up playing a couple games with a nihilistic girl they definitely include the footage in a couple videos. The only problem they encounter? The fans want...
  • fitz
  • gbg
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