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flowerscout //max x reader// by A_simpHere
flowerscout //max x reader//by 🌺Hannah🌺
(fanart isnt mine!!) y/n is a new flowerscout! it was really fun for her, even more when she becomes friends with the trio! But.. it wouldn't be a crazy summer without a...
You Aren't Like Them (Max X Reader ~ Camp Camp) by lemxnhead
You Aren't Like Them (Max X lemxnhead
Your parents sent you away to a summer camp an hour-ish away, since they can't deal with your constant nagging to get away from the house. Your father didn't really care...
💙Heat Waves💙(Max x Reader) by 2Kool4u2009
💙Heat Waves💙(Max x Reader)by 🍃Ered🍃
Max X Reader NO LEMONS 🍋 cringey THEY ARE AGED UP Also I know the title is also a popular Dreamnotfound fanfic, this is nothing like that💀 WARNING: MENTION OF RAPE...
Breathe || Max X Reader - Camp Camp by -SimplyKenn
Breathe || Max X Reader - Camp Campby mckenna ☁️
BEST RANKING: 1 in #max (against 10.4K other stories, 9.1.20 and on 2.4.22), 1 in #nikki, 1 in #maxxreader, & 20 in #campcamp (out of over 1,000 other stories in that ta...
A new hope max x reader by xORadioGirlOx
A new hope max x readerby xORadioGirlOx
Not saying much your dad sends you to a camp late and you becomes friends with everyone but a pacific blue hooded boy gets your attention the most
Complete and Utter Bullshit {{ Max X Reader }} by haiIeyyy
Complete and Utter Bullshit {{ - ̗̀ hal ̖́-
(Camp Camp Max X Female!Reader. Sorry, fellas!) Summer camp is something you'd never thought you'd need to go. However, your mother and father decide you need to "...
Lost and Lost (Camp Camp Fanfic) by hugzz4music
Lost and Lost (Camp Camp Fanfic)by hugzz4music
Lies  - Max X Reader [✓] (rewrite) by kenswriting
Lies - Max X Reader [✓] (rewrite)by kenny
"We both know you're not fine. Talk to me... Please. It's okay to not be okay." a re-write, that's a lot different than the original.
🔹marbles🔹 (Max x reader) by HanburgerSamwish
🔹marbles🔹 (Max x reader)by HanburgerSamwish
Hey. My first story. Art is not mine. My attempted description- Y/N hasn't had the best life. Her mom left when she was little and her dad is a drinker who abuses her da...
we're just kids after all. - max x reader by thegayginger
we're just kids after all. - max mars
max has been at camp campbell for years now. the only friends he's ever had there is neil and nikki. but that all changes when a new girl comes to camp. im bad at descr...
Hocus Pocus by TheLunarAssassin
Hocus Pocusby Luna Solios
What if there was a fourth sister of the Witches? This Sanderson was loved by her three sisters, even if she was a good witch, but greediness of youth clouded the three'...
max x Mute! reader ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (camp camp) by fallen_Muffin
max x Mute! reader ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ( fallen
lol so Y/n will be entering a new summer camp called Camp Campbell, when she gets there, she meets this dude with a blue sweater and turquoise eyes. we late find out tha...
Brainwashed!Max x reader by ThatRainbowJax
Brainwashed!Max x readerby 🌟Jax🏳️‍🌈
Dat fanart is not mine and i dont know the credit(sorry)but it looks DANG amazing (*0*)✨btw this is my very first story ssooooooo pls dont hate thx and i HOPE U ENJOY. A...
max x reader by toastty_pancakes
max x readerby writer
You and Max become great friends. Both of you can't stop thinking about each other. You don't understand it. The camp dance was soon. You looked so pretty, but Max and y...
California dream by _ignorantlove_
California dreamby Percy 🏳️‍⚧️
When y/n arrives in Hawkins she instantly hates the new town she is going to live in but when she meets a outgoing,badass red head she can't help but fall for her and wo...
Stuck-Up Bitch (Max X Reader ~ Camp Camp) by lemxnhead
Stuck-Up Bitch (Max X Reader ~ lemxnhead
(AN ABANDONED BOOK!!) Cover made by me 💃🏼 You step off of the bus to see the shithole of a camp that you ran off to for the entire summer. Everything about it is way...
Remember me? ~ Brainwashed! Max x reader 2 by ThatRainbowJax
Remember me? ~ Brainwashed! Max 🌟Jax🏳️‍🌈
[ Before reading this, please read the other book; Brainwashed! Max x reader so that you'll understand everything] (ART IS MINE!) Y/n is an 18 year old normal student, g...
max x reader 🔞 by omgkyslol
max x reader 🔞by fucking bitch
you, harper have been sent off to a new camp. for adventure and fun, no who am i kidding? your parents just wanna get rid of you. once you arrive to Camp Campbell a cer...
Max x reader {Maybe discontinued} by Trash_12345
Max x reader {Maybe discontinued}by Trash_12345
Credits to the person who drew the pic, I do not own Camp Camp(obviously) Story by me: @Idrk_Idrc_LMAO WARNING: CONTAINS SWEARING, A LOT OF SWEARING This story is set i...
A New Kind of Love~ (Max X Reader Part 2) by Artzee_Dorito
A New Kind of Love~ (Max X sav
Sequel to "Love At First Eye Roll". After the amazing summer you had at Camp Campbell, the one and only Max becomes your neighbor. You also have to survive...