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Calida || HP x Narnia || WTM by Izzy4688
Calida || HP x Narnia || WTMby Izzy4688
"In order to rise from its own ashes, a phoenix first must burn." - Octavia Butler In which a certain member of the House of Black and one of the Queens of Nar...
Marriage Law (Dramione) (Completed) by Gabbie2345
Marriage Law (Dramione) (Completed)by Gabbie
[COMPLETED] I know this concept is a bit overdone but I promise to make it interesting. This takes place a few years after the war. Just to clarify, the story is better...
under the willow tree | draco malfoy by lizzature
under the willow tree | draco Lizz
on the surface, the two couldn't have been more different. he was cruel, arrogant, and cold; she was quiet, mellow, and kind. however, the two students would soon be ma...
I'm Not Like Him (Voldemorts Son Male Reader×HP Harem) by fidemori
I'm Not Like Him (Voldemorts Son ~Yuuta~
Y/N L/N was a normal boy living in a peaceful home in America. But that will all change when he got a letter from Hogwarts.
The Godmother || Sirius Black by meridathebeaver
The Godmother || Sirius Blackby ❝𝒗𝒊𝒔𝒆𝒏𝒚𝒂ⵌ
Harry didn't only have a godfather but also a godmother. A godmother who was sent to Azkaban for betraying his parents, James and Lily Potter. A godmother whose name was...
Ethereal: Bluna by ohmypuffs
Ethereal: Blunaby fer
Blaise Zabini never thought of returning to Hogwarts after the war, just as he didn't expect to turn his attention to Luna Lovegood either. #2 bluna - 09/03/21 Luna Love...
I Do | Fred Weasley x Reader by _pxntherx_
I Do | Fred Weasley x Readerby Hafsah
Y/N 'Potter' and Harry Potter were dropped at a doorstep outside the Dursley's house. Mr and Mrs Dursley took them in and treated them horribly, until a wizard named Hag...
Potter twins watching the movie's by Aliferousnrose
Potter twins watching the movie'sby aliferousnrose
This is a story where the future kids decide to go back into time and watch their memories with the past student to avoid the deaths along with some mystic falls people...
The New Friend by Catloverw33b
The New Friendby
Looney lovegood was the name they gave her, she was just different than most. Where Luna is made an outcast yet again, she finds a time turner. Not knowing what it'll do...
HP CHARACTERS REACT TO OUR WORLD ( Editing) by MischiefLokii
I haven't really seen any HP Characters react to actors and actresses so I decided to make one myself. I Think The Title is really self explanatory but The students of H...
Queen Of Snakes by PinkLilyFlower19
Queen Of Snakesby Peaches
Maeve Alarica Potter was orphaned at merely 15 months old by a dark wizard who sought to end her. She was placed with her muggle family that despised anything abnormal a...
Little Weasley by mia-moony
Little Weasleyby mia 🌙
"i know life well enough to know you can't count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to. you can't stop people from dying...
y/n x hermione gxg one shots by hpstories31
y/n x hermione gxg one shotsby hpstories31
-y/n one shots (probs more than just 1 pt most of the time as i write whole *ss novels lmao) -uses gender neutral pronouns though this is a gxg one shots -could be y/n p...
My new life by Heloisemeynier
My new lifeby Draco lover 4 ever
When Draco learn that he is a neko and that Harry Potter is his dominant, is life change. Cute Drarry story. ATTENTION: self harm and smutt to expect. Also, it's my firs...
A Strange New Thing by Lea_is_a_Weirdo
A Strange New Thingby Lea🤪
Luna Lovegood: Ravenclaw, Quirky, Intelligent, Creative, Optimistic, Caring, and Eccentric. Draco Malfoy: Slytherin, Cunning, Intellectual, Regal, Trouble, Sly, and Mis...
🌘 Reincarnated as Luna Lovegood 🌘 by Azeneth2523
🌘 Reincarnated as Luna Lovegood 🌘by Azeneth2523
To start telling this story the first thing I have to say is that I died. If it is not something that one would expect at the beginning of a story but it is like that, t...
Another World (Avengers and Harry Potter crossover) by Crystalismymame968
Another World (Avengers and ✨Cj✨
Harry Potter is broken and neglected. Forgotten and betrayed by all his friends except one. He runs away from home to new york. There he meets the avengers. Will they be...
janus ~ hermione granger  by -SUMMERL0VINGS
janus ~ hermione granger by 𝙞𝙫𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙚 ☆彡
madison taylor, a 'slytherin' who was broken. who needed fixing. who needed someone to keep her in line. who needed someone. hermoine granger, a gryffindor who needed t...
Granddaughter Of Dumbledore Harry Potter Various x Reader by Kyliecharm
Granddaughter Of Dumbledore Kyliecharm
{!VERY! VERY! OLD! STORY!} Y/N is the granddaughter of Dumbledore but one day her parents were killed by Voldemort only family Y/N had left was your grandfather who took...
Unstoppable by littlen23
Unstoppableby littlen23
When a group of teens shows up to the past to their parent's time in Hogwarts to show them the future holds for them. Where it follows the story of Harry Potter and Na...