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Museum of Stars- A Zodiac Story by kamiescottage
Museum of Stars- A Zodiac Storyby kamieee~
#16 in Zodiac, you all are too kind! Here's what the story's about! It was a simple life in the sky- magic running free with no need to be controlled. The time came when...
The Zodiacs [Completed] by Kay_Yuno
The Zodiacs [Completed]by Yuno H.
A world. Another world we don't even know existed. Divided into four countries. Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Each country is ruled by three zodiac signs of the same eleme...
Stolen [A ZODIAC SIGN BOOK] by Keqing_myqueen
Stolen [A ZODIAC SIGN BOOK]by ꪱׁׅ ᨰׁׅɑׁׅ֮ꪀׁׅꪀׁׅɑׁׅ֮ ժׁׅ݊ꪱׁׅ...
The year is the 1950s... They stole from us. Everything. Our parents, friends, even our lives. We have nothing left now. Other then each other. Everything was stolen fro...
Zodiac High by Dennie_D
Zodiac Highby Dennie2000
In this story, there gonna be highly confusions about ships that who will end up with whom. It includes love triangle, jealousy and cute relationship dramas. #1 scorpio...
Zodiac High-The Series by WatchMeWhip13
Zodiac High-The Seriesby WatchMeWhip13
"When you have a school notoriously renowned for welcoming misconduct into its territory with open arms, a sophomore class with a knack for rule-breaking, and, of c...
ZODIA ACADEMY: The End of The World by amieegrace
In a world where supernatural beings exist, Zodia Academy is where you'll find twelve unique teens. Locked behind the soaring four walls of Zodia, a place they train, li...
Zodiac Royalty by pichetakim
Zodiac Royaltyby ❦
Neflia, a really big country with a lot of kingdoms. The big 4 kingdoms, each have its own alliance, but each one of them have their own aim to assassinate one of them i...
With love, ~ A zodiac story  by archerandtheprey
With love, ~ A zodiac story by 🪩
Fist slammed against the table and everyone turned to her, "I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not allowing my city to just sit and rot here. We're going to...
Highschool: through the eyes of the Zodiacs! by music4lifer
Highschool: through the eyes of music4lifer
The zodiacs enter high school! Fights, drama, and romance ensue! Find out what happens in ZODIAC HIGH! Contains perspectives from all zodiacs!
NYC - a zodiac story by sweetenedcinnamon
NYC - a zodiac storyby caroline
New York City is full of the realest people, as well as the smartest. But when 12 Zodiacs all get into the same Ivy League school, will they actually perform well? Or br...
Zodiac Academy by Zodiac_Quests
Zodiac Academyby ChloMarie
This has ships, friendships, enemies (to lovers, oop-), drama, possible TW. But it's a basic book about high school drama, with zodiacs and other characters. This is onl...
The Descendants Of The Gods!  by SomeArmyForBTS
The Descendants Of The Gods! by DoneWithLife
The Zodiacs who also happen to be the Descendants of God are on a Mission... A Mission to save the world.... The thing is that they are 2x stronger than the previous Zod...
Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
✓ Completed ✓ Facts, Descriptions, Scenarios, And interesting things about the 12 Zodiac Signs! Book 1 *Creds To Original Authors, mainly on tumblr so check them out to...
Zodiac Highschool by lynncisco
Zodiac Highschoolby Moonie Gamer
In a universe called Zodea, these twelve individually different teenagers had been accepted into a "normal" highschool, not knowing nor being aware to what's t...
Brain Dead; A Zodiac Story by celastella
Brain Dead; A Zodiac Storyby ➵𝘚𝘖𝘓𝘈𝘙
"Ooooh I'm coming to get you~" She playfully bit my shoulder and I freaked, screaming at the top of my lungs while swatting my hand at her face. "Don't s...
Love for the Troubled  | Zodiac Story by Rulesofthebroken
Love for the Troubled | Zodiac Rulesofthebroken
Thank you to @pasteloverdose for creating the cover !! <3 it means a lot • • • • • • • • • • • • > angels and demons... great, aren't they? In the World above th...
Disney - a zodiac story by hotchoclateisyum
Disney - a zodiac storyby An ish human
All zodiacs, act nothing like their parents. And are all sent away to live in a castle after their parents die, what will happen? Lol this part is just a thing you'll se...
Liar Liar (a zodiac story) by tangledupinyellow
Liar Liar (a zodiac story)by tangledupinyellow
"Ah, students of Lincoln High, let me tell you when I say this year will be the best one yet, that i'm not exaggerating in the slightest. It'll definitely be the mo...
Mysterious { a zodiac story } by LibraXD1
Mysterious { a zodiac story }by Charlotte 🖤
The world isn't as it seems, it is filled with all kinds of monstrous creatures. Our story begins when 12 of these supernaturals meet and join forces to defeat a familia...
Creepypasta Zodiacs ✔️ by VikingMetalToby
Creepypasta Zodiacs ✔️by ⦻ 𝐑𝐨𝐰𝐞 ⦻
Oh look...another Creepypasta Zodiac Book... *Sigh*