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Baby Boy Charlie by ssssardoo
Baby Boy Charlieby ssssardoo
Baby Boy Charlie is a little man that lives inside a pringles can. He lives a very good life, he has no family. Read This then Follow. I have no followers. It's not fair...
Ghosting by guardianlujanne
Ghostingby Lucretia
ˈɡōstiNG/ noun the appearance of a ghost or secondary image on a television or other display screen. That's what Jake does. He ghosts Lyssa. Her life is his movie, and h...
The Possessive Him (Series 1) by user01617583
The Possessive Him (Series 1)by Nathasha Miles
Aurora Elizabeth Hope Villafuerte is a simple woman who lived in a simple life she is a certified NBSB Although she have a lots of suitors, in the age of 18 she doesnt h...
Butterfly Harmony by chaeyorainbow_
Butterfly Harmonyby Yorimeng
"Sorry but I like her.." "I know that,I even helped you get closer to her" "Sorry.." "Ya! Don't say sorry,it's my fault that I fell f...