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Chance by swritess_
Chanceby S.
A pet project. An apprentice. The one who could do what Kylo Ren couldn't. You were captured at Supreme Leader Snoke's orders and brought to the First Order to become K...
Break the Hunting Ground by Jay2Noir
Break the Hunting Groundby Jennifer Noir 🎠
The Hunting Grounds of Star Killer Base were sacred. For years one of the most exalted Alphas of the First Order, Commander Kylo Ren, would take out his pent up aggressi...
Tethered by writing_seconds
Tetheredby Elle
The Force works in mysterious ways for you. As a prisoner aboard the Supremacy, you've never understood it. But it understands you and it understands what you want. And...
Little Friend | Kylo RenxReader by Jay2Noir
Little Friend | Kylo RenxReaderby Jennifer Noir 🎠
After his live-in girlfriend of many years one day packs her bags and leaves him for seemingly no reason at all, Kylo finds he must be losing his mind. He's used to seei...
celestial inferno | reader x kylo ren fan-fiction  by goodnightmoon-
celestial inferno | reader x 𝔅.
✧ celestial inferno: heavenly hell ✦ "what is it that you most desire, sweet girl?" "i want to be loved...
Purpose by sun_bum15
Purposeby sun_bum15
Kylo Ren x Reader Story You're a sheltered Princess who has enjoyed her life and it's simplicities until one evening Commander Ren and General Hux stop by for dinner. Th...
Jealousy | Kylo Ren x Reader by completelyinhuman
Jealousy | Kylo Ren x Readerby powers
Anon request: Kylo gets really angry about something stupid and when you try and calm him down he accidentally force throws you across the room. He then feels like REALL...
You Think Grand Declarations of Love are Going to Save Me? | Kylo Ren x Reader by completelyinhuman
You Think Grand Declarations of powers
Devotion | Kylo Ren x Reader by completelyinhuman
Devotion | Kylo Ren x Readerby powers
"Tell me that I won't feel a thing." Inspired by the song D'VOCEAN by EASTGHOST.
How to find love in a loveless place by BadBadMan
How to find love in a loveless BadBadMan
As Snoke's daughter all your life has been full of darkness and pain. But when Kylo and you are finally free of him, you'll discover even in the darkest place there's ch...
Flames of the universe by fantasthasima
Flames of the universeby fantasthasima
When you plan on going on a nice vacation from your all time job as a space marauder, your first guess would not have been that you'd end up on a certain first order bas...
Not even the Force by BadBadMan
Not even the Forceby BadBadMan
Request: Could you make fic from tlj where main character is in love with Kylo, but she walks in on kylo and Rey touching hands after she knew that kylo was talking to s...
What a Crown Takes (Kylo Ren x Reader) by Chewie2200
What a Crown Takes (Kylo Ren x Madeline Palmer
So basically, Kylo Takes the reader from her village to become his empress. Believe me the story is a lot more interesting than the summary.
If you could only see yourself through my eyes, then you'd understand by BadBadMan
If you could only see yourself BadBadMan
A/N: So a while ago I wrote this for a blog for an OC of Star Wars but I decided to change it for Kylo, same with the next two fics I'll probably put. I use too many com...
Beautiful Captive by thisisshe20
Beautiful Captiveby thisisshe20
She's everything Kylo wasn't and he wanted to keep it that way...but at what cost? "I feel it again. The pull to the light."
Ashes Of Eden [Kylo Ren x Reader] // Hogwarts AU by cora-elle
Ashes Of Eden [Kylo Ren x Reader] Cora
When KYLO REN laid eyes on you, he immediately knew he wanted to possess you, corrupt you. And Kylo Ren would take whatever he desired. YOU weren't sure about much anymo...
Dark Scar by thatannab
Dark Scarby thatannab
Hello there! Questa è una storia scritta in seconda persona,ma non è "semplicemente" scritta in seconda persona bensì ti fa rispecchiare nel personaggio. Nell...
Yound, Dumb & Broke by BadBadMan
Yound, Dumb & Brokeby BadBadMan
Request: Hey, I love your work. I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader is having a breakdown and throwing things around an Kyle just rages with them...
I Will Finnish What You Started (Kylo Ren x reader) by IcyZombieChick
I Will Finnish What You Started ( IcyZombieChick
This is a kylo x reader story hope you like sorry if half of the lore doesn't follow the movies but meh. I don't own Star Wars, Kylo Ren or any other character that com...