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Evil vs. Good by WolfyTheWolfz
Evil vs. Goodby Wolfie Paris Grace
Sonic, Rouge, Scourge, and Silver worked for Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik in his quest to take over the world. Shadow, Knuckles, Mephiles, and Fleetway are the heroes they...
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Injuried- A Knuckles X Rouge Love Story by x-Sakura-Mochi-x
Injuried- A Knuckles X Rouge Music Nerd
After a battle with Dr. Eggman, Knuckles comes to Rouge injuries and is left for his care, Knux X Rouge. Fluff
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Sonic Force (Book 2) by PokemonTMNTSilver
Sonic Force (Book 2)by PokemonTMNT Silver
This is book 2 from 'My Version of Sonic the hedgehog 06' Hope you like it
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Sonic High School by SonAmyGuy
Sonic High Schoolby Taylor Bass
A year ago, me and my good friend, Sam, made contributions for a Sonic High School story. I lost it, but found it, and I'm bringing it back. Contains SonAmy, ShadAze, Ta...
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A mission for a Rose by prettygirl5640
A mission for a Roseby Egypt Harrison
Meet Amelia Rosabel, or Amy Rose for short. She just your ordinary, sweet, innocent little girl. Well, that was until she had an argument with the blue speedster himself...
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The shadows of time by SonAmyGuy
The shadows of timeby Taylor Bass
Once again, think my friend Sam for this! Sonic and the others meet up with Blaze and Honey. The gang falls in love, only for to be attacked by Eggman, Scourge and co...
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Couples opinions by itsheidiphase
Couples opinionsby Heidi
I'm not trying copy anyway tell me which pairings guys this story belong to me(heidi)
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A Clue To The Sol by SonAmyGuy
A Clue To The Solby Taylor Bass
Blaze the Cat is back, but she doesn't know who she is. Sonic and the others will help her regain her memory, but of course with learning, you learn something new every...
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SonAze: Espresso with bayonetta  by SonAmyGuy
SonAze: Espresso with bayonetta by Taylor Bass
Unknown description at the moment
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The Greek Legend of Sonic the Hedgehog. by BibleBubba20
The Greek Legend of Sonic the Austin Tucker
This story combines the Sonic universe with Greek mythology
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