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Her. A Wayhaught Story by Yuuiizaa
Her. A Wayhaught Storyby M.
What happens after the camera leaves Waverly and Nicole? This is everything the TV 📺 doesn't show them doing. How they really feel and their steamy sex life. May the br...
SOME KIND OF HEAVEN ↝ Mazikeen by mcrningstar
SOME KIND OF HEAVEN ↝ Mazikeenby minttu
❝I FOUND IT IN YOU.❞ In which Izzy Holt, the new deputy at the LAPD, manages to catch the soul torturer's eye. [LUCIFER SEASON 2] BOOK TWO IN THE ❝ CHILDREN OF DARKNESS...
You Thought Wrong by BonjourBitxhes
You Thought Wrongby V.V
A Domkat love story 😘 #fiveforWynonna Will the on screen love become and off screen affair? Dominique is having issues accepting the fact that she has feelings for Ka...
Friends Forever or More? (Wayhaught) by gkoos36
Friends Forever or More? (Wayhaugh...by G.K.
A Wayhaught story but set in a normal world where two young girls, best friends when little, grew apart but find their way back to each other after 10 years. They starte...
If Domkat was a thing  by signeanderssoon
If Domkat was a thing by Way Too Haught 🤪
So this story is about Dominique and Katherine. And yes, it will be romantic between them and Ray will seem like a slightly villain. But I do not mean anything to be dis...
Birds in heaven  by signeanderssoon
Birds in heaven by Way Too Haught 🤪
This story is about Waverly and Nicole's relationship. And how Waverly is dealing with her life.
Nicole without Waverly. One shot.  by camila_grende
Nicole without Waverly. One shot. by 💛✨🦋
Nicole is trying to live her life without Waverly Earp while she is stuck in the garden. Spoiler alert she isn't doing very well which results into some unhealthy coping...
WHITE BLOOD | Supergirl (1) by Void_Lydia_
WHITE BLOOD | Supergirl (1)by Ben Whelan
"Said you'd always be my white blood Elevate my soul above Giving me your white blood I need you right here with me, here with me" OR In which Jade Danvers fin...
Forbidden Purgatory Romance  by XxFilmMakerGirlxX
Forbidden Purgatory Romance by XxFilmMakerGirlxX
Wayhaught fanfic Waverly Earp a sophomore in high school is running late to school, on her way she runs into a tall ginger that turns her world upside down little does...
My Motivation by raidens_ra
My Motivationby raidens_ra
Nicole is an outside hitter, star of her university's women's volleyball team. Waverly is the mega cute head cheerleader. 'Nuff said. . . . (Also, I've given up on creat...
When we met  by readerforall123
When we met by Reader for all
Story of Nicole Haught and Waverley Earp. How their love started. I'm not great at descriptions and this is my first book so feedback is appreciated:)