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《END》Bury The Light In The Shadows (The Eminence in Shadow X Devil May Cry) by Its_SVRL
《END》Bury The Light In The Shadows...by Savril
When an Angel singing, the day was springing Mercy, Pity, Peace It's the world release When a Devil curse, over the heath and furze Mercy could be no more If there was n...
Reverse Reality (One-Shot) by Izayou901
Reverse Reality (One-Shot)by Izayoi Sakamaki
The world underwent a drastic change; everyone acquired a new power called "magic." Minoru Kagenou decided to leave his family to protect a girl named Aurora...
The Shadows Awaken by LVonarch
The Shadows Awakenby LVonarch
Erix decides that for his second life he plans to live multiple lives to live to the fullest. However, when make-believe fantasies about an evil cult turn out to be real...