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Notice the Unnoticeable (JotaroxReader) by It-is-mystery
Notice the Unnoticeable ( IceeTrash
You always tried your best to exist as you always had. Completely unnoticed. You went to school, went home, and hung out with friends on the weekend. Rinse and repeat...
Jojo daughter scenarios by PirateQueen14
Jojo daughter scenariosby PirateQueen14
In this book your the daughter of a Jojo or Dio. This book includes. Jonathan Joseph Jotaro Josuke Jolyne Giorno Dio (I don't own the picture used for the cover and I d...
Fortune Teller (Jotaro Kujo x Reader) by Real_House_waifu
Fortune Teller (Jotaro Kujo x Carina Senpai
After staying up late one night while watching Stardust Crusaders, you somehow find yourself in Japan, 1980 in a completly different universe?! Meeting Jotaro, you aim t...
Jotaro x Reader: The Last Hamon User by CleverDana16
Jotaro x Reader: The Last Hamon Dana
Y/N is actually one of the last Hamon users in the world. She was born in Mexico and met Joseph Joestar. She was under his guard and worked with him in his travels and b...
★Read you like a book★ JJBA by OkGalaxy
★Read you like a book★ JJBAby Galaxy
Y/N, your average 17-year-old bookworm has decided that there is truly nothing in her life that makes it special. Ever since a young age, the only thing that had been te...
Married Lovers | Jotaro x Reader  by Valkyrixa
Married Lovers | Jotaro x Reader by Valkyrixa
You find yourself to be the loving wife of Jotaro Kujo, a Marine Biologist who is also a workaholic. Girls envy you, making you feel special whenever you're around him...
Just Highschool Drama (Caejose/Caeseph)  by Joestarzs
Just Highschool Drama (Caejose/ Joestarzs
"Dio, sei così ottuso .." "Yeah, okay, but what does that mean?!" "God, you're so dim witted.." A Caesar Zeppeli x Joseph Joestar fanfictio...
Reincarnated Stardust (Male Star Platinum Reader X Female Jotaro) by Elytra_gaming
Reincarnated Stardust (Male Star Elytra Knispel
You are Jotara Kujo's older brother, being 6 years older than her, meaning you are 23 years old. In this story, you have encountered DEA, the one that has haunted your b...
Extreme Devotion (JJBA Oneshots) by Queen__Alice
Extreme Devotion (JJBA Oneshots)by Juno
YANDERE ONESHOTS ONLY, REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW! See request page for details. Some stories will contain NSFW content, but I will put warnings before each one-shot. Do no...
JJBA x Reader Mini Stories by ItsJust_Anxiety
JJBA x Reader Mini Storiesby TinyLittle_SushiRoll
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Mini story/ one shot/ Picture book! 🥳I AM CURRENTLY REVISING SOME STORIES🥳 ⚠️BEFORE YOU READ⚠️ ~None of the artwork in this book is mine (I g...
☆ I Want To Break Free ☆ Stone Ocean by _heavensdo0r
☆ I Want To Break Free ☆ Stone simp
Female Insert ____ "...I guess I'll help. But only because I see this as a get out of jail for free pass." ...little did you know, those words were about to se...
Jojos x reader [reality check] by NIO-NIO-NIO
Jojos x reader [reality check]by Strawberry🍡mochi
All the jojos from part 1-6 x fem reader. The reader y/n is the don of the joestar mafias right hand woman. But what will happen when his family comes over to stay. Gua...
Our Tiny Little Secret | Jotaro X Reader Omegaverse by Readthefuckingmanga
Our Tiny Little Secret | Jotaro Who Knows
Y/n L/n was born an Alpha. In a world where Alphas and Omegas were strictly separated until adulthood, this meant living in a world surrounded by young elites, much like...
A Leap Through Time || JJBA || JOLYNE || JOTARO || Stardust Crusaders  by AndroNebu
A Leap Through Time || JJBA || Andro Nebu
This is a story where Jolyne time travels to the past when Stardust crusaders was taking place. She meets a rather young version of her father and is on a quest to e...
"You're weak. You need me." (Jotaro x Fem Reader) by kiyoruuu
"You're weak. You need me." ( Kiyooo
UNFINISHED idk how to make drafts lemaw This story Focuses on Side characters aswell. female reader- will make a male one soon. WARNINGS BELOW vvvv Yandere/Obsessive beh...
Chase {Jotaro X Reader} by IjenBlue
Chase {Jotaro X Reader}by ʝօʝօ ☁
The secret granddaughter of the great Caesar Zeppeli is alive and ready to follow her destiny! Though it isn't as glorifying she thought..
JoJos Bizarre Adventures Oneshots by SorbetTheCracker
JoJos Bizarre Adventures Oneshotsby Sorbet Cannizzaro
I book of JoJos Bizarre Adventures Oneshots! I hope you enjoy them! I dont own any pictures unless I say so. I also dont own JoJos Bizarre Adventures, I can not make suc...
Tough Love - Jotaro x Female Reader by mrs_kkujo
Tough Love - Jotaro x Female Readerby dri
In your 2nd year of high school , you're partnered with Jotaro Kujo for a project after your fight in middleschool . Do you move on and collaborate with your enemy for t...
Polnareff's Daughter Scenarios by Polnareffturtle
Polnareff's Daughter Scenariosby Polnareff
𝗖𝘂𝗿𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗹𝘆 𝗼𝗻 𝗵𝗶𝗮𝘁𝘂𝘀 Welp, looks like you're stuck with good ol' Jean Pierre Polnareff. Of course, the other Stardust Crusaders will be there too. Imagin...
|| An unexpected Journey || (Jotaro Kujo x reader) by itrokuio
|| An unexpected Journey || ( itrokuio
. . What will you do when the nicest woman you've ever known fell ill? And that your childhood best friend has to go away on a 50 day trip? Will you go with? And maybe y...