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Love Is A Complicated Game! by HeatherJayy
Love Is A Complicated Game!by HeatherJayy
  • jls
  • love
  • merrygold
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Best of both worlds by kaylsxo
Best of both worldsby Kayleigh
Pregnancy is tough for anyone and after watching the baby's father Nathan cowardly walk away I had to turn to my three friends for support. Jamie, despite his bad habits...
  • jls
  • romance
  • love
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Close To You; JLS FANFIC. by EMMIE0K
Close To You; JLS FANFIC.by em !
"I love you." He whispered into her ear as his kisses led down her neck caressing the collarbone. Emily was invited on tour with her brothers band. JLS. One o...
  • jls
  • aston
  • read
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Scared Of Lonely... Aston Merrygold (JLS) Fanfic by astonmsmile
Scared Of Lonely... Aston Merrygol...by astonmsmile
How can a relationship go from perfect to a mess? Cheating popstar boyfriend let's his fame ruin his reality with the girl who thinks the world of him. Will the married...
  • aston
  • jls
  • merrygold
Daddy ive fallen for a monster by kaylsxo
Daddy ive fallen for a monsterby Kayleigh
Everyone loves a bad boy, you cant deny that. But what if you fall for this bad boy despite his player background, and the long list of girls he's had in bed? Instead he...
  • badboy
  • dad
  • fanfic
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Will he make it? by BrbGettingStupid
Will he make it?by BrbGettingStupid
A short story - The one time Aston leaves his pregnant girlfriend is right near the end of her pregnancy, for something he cannot miss, but coincidently, there's somethi...
  • astonmerrygold
  • stories
  • astonjls
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Daddy's Little Girl by BrbGettingStupid
Daddy's Little Girlby BrbGettingStupid
A short story - It's hard to leave a child behind, but spending time with them when you come back is like no other..
  • aston
  • merrygold
  • jls
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Take A Chance On Me - JLS & 1D Fanfic by teenagedre4m
Take A Chance On Me - JLS & 1D Fan...by teenagedre4m
"You've got a crap aim! You know that!" I heard a voice get louder as if they were walking towards me. I shot upright and took off my sunglasses. There was in...
  • jls
  • aston
  • malik
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My Big Secret - JLS Fanfiction by th0sefourboys_
My Big Secret - JLS Fanfictionby th0sefourboys_
Hannah realizes that she had the biggest mistake of her life in one night. Does she keep it a secret or does she tell Aston the truth?
  • merrygold
  • williams
  • oritse
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Healing After Hijacking (Completed) by TeamPeetaMaddEmilyRK
Healing After Hijacking (Completed)by Emily Kelly
Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen have returned home from the war. This is their story Hi, guys! I was a new writer when I wrote this and was about 8. Please don't judg...
  • haymitch
  • annie
  • makin
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One Shots by PlanetAston
One Shotsby Chloe
A variety of one part stories. Vote for the stories you like.
  • aston
  • christmas
  • anniversary
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Smitten (Aston Merrygold/JLS fanfic) (on hold) by JanoLadSwing
Smitten (Aston Merrygold/JLS fanfi...by Lauren
Do you believe in love at first sight? Well neither did Aston or Serena until their paths crossed on a luxury cruise ship. Is fate on their side or will it just be a hol...
  • williams
  • famous
  • aston
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Love At War by tillyloux
Love At Warby Tillllll💜
  • aston
  • jls
  • marvin
Invisible - JLS fanfic (ON HOLD) by Itsemma_3
Invisible - JLS fanfic (ON HOLD)by Emma
Aston Merrygold, 21, is one of quarter of JLS, one of the biggest UK bands at the moment Hannah Smith, 20, is a receptionist in Cornwall still living at home. However u...
  • worlds
  • merrygold
  • apart
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The Unknown. One Direction and JLS fanfic by imytimms
The Unknown. One Direction and JLS...by Imy Timms
JLS and One direction live together in a house with their girlfriends, wives, children and pets. It is one thing after enough in the house. From abortions, to a fair few...
  • ollymursfanfic
  • jls
  • onedirectionfanfic
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Loving Her (A Harry Styles Fanfic) by Kasiee96
Loving Her (A Harry Styles Fanfic)by Kasiee96
"I was supposed to be fucking her but ended up making love to her"
  • niall
  • perrie
  • liam
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Never Gonna Stop! by Kaiya_JLS_Love_It
Never Gonna Stop!by Kaiya..JLSter
  • aston
  • jls
  • love
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