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Gap Year • JIARA • by Hockey9876
Gap Year • JIARA •by Hockey9876
JJ and the pogues (John B and Pope) find the gold and each earn 400 million in cash. JJ takes his money and decides to go travel the world. Kiara, a kook decides to ta...
The Kook vs The Pogue • JIARA• by Hockey9876
The Kook vs The Pogue • JIARA•by Hockey9876
Kie and Rafe are in a pretty serious two-year relationship. However, a pogue, JJ Maybank comes along and catches Kiara's attention. Who will she pick? Rafe Cameron, the...
stay with me ~jiara  by Ivvett3
stay with me ~jiara by Natalia Rodriguez
-jiara -season 3 -pouges, good side rafe -TW : Abuse, sh , near death experiences
Burning (jiara) by justjknbro
Burning (jiara)by justjknbro
A realistic slow burn jiara love story. Takes place after season two but not at poglandia
~Storage Container~ by grey_a3sth3tic
~Storage Container~by el1annaa
JJ and Kie fell for each other harder than they already did in the storage container while talking about their surf trip They get stranded on an island and see some cra...
broken love - jj/kiara by Sarahahsan123
broken love - jj/kiaraby jjswh0re
Kiara's father is a temperamental, raging, borderline abusive asshole. JJ's father is a mean, drunk, actually abusive asshole. The night after two of their best friends...
Bound by asita125
Boundby Anet Svobodová
The story start after season 2.
"𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬" by justcutestories
"𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬"by al
This story takes place after season 2 its mostly about jj and kiara but the other characters will be on the story as well
outerbanks instagram by belbtw
outerbanks instagramby mia
idrk how to explain this basically this is insta post for outerbanks. it is just the cast not y/n HAHA i have never done anything like this so just bare with me<3
This Changes Everything • JIARA • by Hockey9876
This Changes Everything • JIARA •by Hockey9876
JJ and Kie are best friends and after high school graduation they decide to hook up. What happens when Kie ends up pregnant?
To be determined (Kiara an JJ) by claraxnocte
To be determined (Kiara an JJ)by claraxnocte
After an almost one night stand, JJ and Kiara need to determine what they really are. Just friends, nothing to complicated. Until it becomes that complicated...
Jiara ~ season 3 by purplepoodle23
Jiara ~ season 3by purplepoodle23
Just an idea of what I think could happen in season 3 of outer banks for Kiara and JJ. A story of them discovering their love and everything that comes with it.
broken love story ( jj and kie ) by breadoncheeeese
broken love story ( jj and kie )by It’s lia dude
Ok so basically this Story is basically outerbanks but kie also known as kiara will be struggling with some of the stuff that rue went through in euphoria and I'm basica...
Uncharted Waters || A Jiara Story by kendalllxoxo
Uncharted Waters || A Jiara Storyby kendalllxoxo
After being stranded on "Poguelandia", the group must figure out a way to get off the island and take back what belongs to them. But in the process, relationsh...
jiara season 3 one shots<3 by kiaramayybank
jiara season 3 one shots<3by Alexis
heyyy! - one shots of the best ship don't even try to deny it - request more ideas in the comments and i might write them💀(i'm lazy i'm sorry) - obx3 should be coming o...
OBX Jiara - Kiss me more by pennyroyalteabitch
OBX Jiara - Kiss me moreby pennyroyalteabitch
what happens after the pogues are stranded on a deserted island far away from the gold and the cross of santo domingo ? this story continues after the end of season 2 an...
ACHES AND PAINS JJ X KIARA  by marvellover2828
| POUGELANDIA | OBX SEASON THREE | JJ AND KIARA | "I can't lose you" I say, keeping the lock between our eyes solid. The wind seemed to pick up in that mo...
Closed Door • JIARA • by Hockey9876
Closed Door • JIARA •by Hockey9876
Ever wonder how JJ knows that door with Kiara is closed? This story will take us back to Kiara's kook year and her history with JJ Maybank and then skip forward to after...
Jiara- lost lust by wednesdaysdancemvs
Jiara- lost lustby moon
"Please don't hurt her" "Why?" "Because I love her" Slow burn Jiara fic
IT'S JUST YOU AND I by plsdonttelljesus
IT'S JUST YOU AND Iby Skylar219
"It feels like it's just you and I, and nobody else alive." ~ JIARA SLOWBURN ~ dont get ur hopes up yall basically just whatever comes to my mind at any given...