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I Don't Mind the Rain Anymore- Jason Voorhees x Reader by Jasz_Rice
I Don't Mind the Rain Anymore- Jas...by 🎃 Jazz 🍚
You were an optimistic young woman heading to Camp Crystal Lake with one goal in mind: Help the children. As you loved children, you immediately jumped to volunteer. Un...
Jason Voorhees x Reader by Mikaraccoon
Jason Voorhees x Readerby Mikaraccoon
As a child, you visited Camp Crystal Lake frequently, something about the great outdoors, the fresh air. You usually minded your own business, until you began to notice...
[ DISCONTINUED ]The Grass is Always Greener | Jason Voorhees x Reader by HazelTheHorrific
[ DISCONTINUED ]The Grass is Alway...by The Biggest Simp
Running from a broken life, you stumble upon the remains of a once-booming summer camp. It's dead now, decayed, reclaimed by the earth, but one man still lives there. An...
Summer Nights (Jason Voorhees x reader) by RaevynEden
Summer Nights (Jason Voorhees x re...by Baybfayce
***Under extreme editing, I wrote this in 8th grade and now that I'm older I need to fix it*** Whenever social anxiety ridden (y/n)'a mother sends her to Camp Crystal La...
Water Tainted Red by sixzerosix
Water Tainted Redby 𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓮
【Jason Voorhees X Reader】Loosely-connected anecdotes of you and your fave murder boi™
Jason voorhees x reader (My au) by mysmolgreenbean
Jason voorhees x reader (My au)by darkimoo
read full description (MY AU) Jason never got over your death at camp crystal lake, never could his mother either. Jason voorhees your best friend since the beggining of...
Slasher movies. Father Scenario's by Kittywriteshorror
Slasher movies. Father Scenario'sby Kittywriteshorror
The famous slasher is your dad, what will happen? Many scenarios of you growing up under your fathers wing.
slasher preferences  by simpforscott
slasher preferences by layheyswife
the characters included are: Ghostface (billy loomis) Micheal Myers Freddy Krueger And Jason Voorhees
Jason voorhees x sister reader by mysmolgreenbean
Jason voorhees x sister readerby darkimoo
If your reading this you probably know of Friday the 13th and the main antagonist killer Jason Voorhees, but what if Jason had a sister and what if she came back just in...
|LEMON ONESHOT|•Michael Myers X Reader X Jason Voorhess• by Imagine_Zerla
|LEMON ONESHOT|•Michael Myers X Re...by Yo
It's going to be HEATED!!~ QUITE GRAPHIC.
Horror Character X Reader- One Shots by -CurrentObsession-
Horror Character X Reader- One Sho...by Quin
"Cold eyes, A bloody past, I looked these fears in the face and I made a choice." 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 Welcome to my collection of one shots! I will do these when...
Jason Voorhees x reader: [Hard time] by JasonVoorhees666
Jason Voorhees x reader: [Hard tim...by Jason Voorhees
It all started when I first saw her .... her eyes .. her pretty face ... She came to our camp together with her mother. Her mom was good friends with mine, so they wante...
Lora's Spring by Desi_lol
Lora's Springby Destinee lol
When Lora's homeroom class is given the opportunity to take a trip at Camp Crystal Lake over Spring Break she is more than excited. Having a soft spot for nature she thi...
Nightmare Warrior (Jason Voorhees X Reader) by xxTheRuntxx
Nightmare Warrior (Jason Voorhees...by xxTheRuntxx
(Y/n) travels to Camp Crystal Lake on a school trip but what happens when a killer is face to face with what is know as a nightmare warrior (You)
Jason Voorhees x reader [You must survive this!] by DynastyWarriorsJin
Jason Voorhees x reader [You must...by Valerie Voorhees
Too many murders in Camp Crystal Lake .. you as a responsible policeman had to figure out what the cause of the deaths of many people is. Therefore, having gained courag...
Stranger (Jason Voorhees Love Story) by Your_Secret_Stalker
Stranger (Jason Voorhees Love Stor...by 🐰🌻Makayla🌻🐰
Jason Voorhees is a ruthless-cold blooded killer. All through his life he had been bullied and tormented. At the age of six, his father had abandoned him, to leave only...
His Promise by Alwa_Melver
His Promiseby Al
When camping goes wrong. When dead bodies begin to pile up. When you are in his territory. You and six others visit the infamous Crystal Lake. Before even arriving, you...
'Hey...you there?'  Jason voorhees x Reader by IHATETHISDUMBTHINGAG
'Hey...you there?' Jason voorhees...by Hotthanos
⚠ Warning ⚠ -Contains gore -A little bit of sexual stuff -Murder -And hot Michael myers mixed together with Daddy Jason
Vicious Love (Michael Myers/Jason Voorhees/Hannibal Lecter x Reader Fanfiction) by Melly_Myler
Vicious Love (Michael Myers/Jason...by Melly
You find a note on the counter and pick it up. "Meet me in the park when darkness surrounds you." You stare at the piece of paper and wonder how things changed...