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drunken snapchats ; joeybirlem by finestbirlem
drunken snapchats ; joeybirlemby t i a ♡
joeybirlem added you by username joeybirlem is typing... { completed}
gentleman-- j.m.b by birlems_loyal02
gentleman-- j.m.bby hoseph balem💦
"Dance with me and pretend like the world doesn't exist," he pleaded in a whisper. And after that, there was no going back. // #2 in joeybirlem
joey birlem ; imagines  by thvstrawbrry
joey birlem ; imagines by 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖉𝖊.! 🗯
crushing on a guy named joey birlem and want to have cute scenarios with him? don't worry, i got you. - i apologize for the terrible grammar. i wrote this in middle sc...
He stole it, she stole it- j.m.b. by birlems_loyal02
He stole it, she stole it- hoseph balem💦
As a baby, Aria was given a diamond ring by her uncle and aunt that she never knew about. It wasn't until high-school that she found it deep in her walk-in closet. Once...
He stole it, she stole it (PART TWO) by birlems_loyal02
He stole it, she stole it (PART hoseph balem💦
SEQUEL TO 'He stole it, she stole it' Yep, Aria's back at it again with Joey. In this book, Aria finds out the truth about Hayes, who actually stole her ring, and come...
He's just my friend; j.m.b. Fan fic (UNDER EDITING) by birlemstaken
He's just my friend; j.m.b. Fan birlemstaken
"He's js my friend" With a lot of things done together WARNING : skip up to chapter 18 to stop cringe. but if willing to read the whole story, do so :)
He stole it, she stole it- THE FINAL BOOK by birlems_loyal02
He stole it, she stole it- THE hoseph balem💦
"Um, hi? Remember me?" he says. I stare at him, trying to figure out where I know him from. After a while, I shake my head. I can't put a finger on it. Until h...
Joey Birlem Imagines by birlems_loyal02
Joey Birlem Imaginesby hoseph balem💦
Just a few imagines for y'all. Requests are open PLS PLS request so that I knwo what you guys like reading and what you want to read. Love you guys xxx
texts ➳ j.m.b (discontinued) by gxccibby
texts ➳ j.m.b (discontinued)by 𝕖𝕓𝕠𝕟𝕪
What happens when two random strangers text each other and end up falling in love? - lowercase intended - thank you for 2K and no. 30 in #itsjoeybirlem 🥰
Closed by swxcovers
Closedby covers
open [-] close [×] cover making is my game. that's about it
mystery strangers by honeyyxbirlem
mystery strangersby honeyyxbirlem
i saw a shadow; wonder who it could be or what it is
lonely- a joey birlem fanfic by birlems_loyal02
lonely- a joey birlem fanficby hoseph balem💦
You're a popular girl at your school. But you and your friends are the nice popular people. Joey Birlem is the new boy in your homeroom and all your classes. He's quiet...
magcon teen's fanfiction by ravenrunner1
magcon teen's fanfictionby Regular.Fangirl
This Book Has Random Story's Put Together And In This Book There Is Hunter Rowland And Brandon Rowland And Joey Birlem And Jacob Sartorius And I Stopped Writing About Ma...
athazagoraphobia | j.s by fluffycock
athazagoraphobia | j.sby aqua :)
deep dark fears crawl up your spine, as the echoing silence of the night drowns you in despite. deafening scratches lay beneath your chest, as the sun comes rising up fr...
Different  by tati6398
Different by Birlem's Girl
dif•fer•ent 1. not the same as another or eachother; unlike in nature or form