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MBTI twitter / memes by chrissythewriter2008
MBTI twitter / memesby Chris P. Bacon
Your welcome my children (Disclaimer none of the art nor the memes are mine all credits go to their respective owners)
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Submissive Mafia<21+> by mochikoz
Submissive Mafiaby ✨𝗤 𝗨 𝗘 𝗘 𝗡✨
As a women has debt with Casino's JJz, she got dragged by the subordinate to meet the boss. Yes, the mafia boss. Jung MiHee. Don't get fooled by her cute and pretty face...
لوتس  by ir_enfp15
لوتس by タイバ 。
مارلين فتاة محبه للحياة لكنها في بيئه تجبرها على تقييد حريتها ، لتجد اخيرا منفذاً للحريه بعد تعرفها على اشخاص سيقلبون حيّاتها الى مغامرات عاطفيه ودراميه والكثير من محاو...
MBTI Short Stories by TheRoseInYourHand
MBTI Short Storiesby TheRoseInYourHand
In this collection of short stories, MBTI ships are thrown into different, unrelated scenarios! Every chapter tells a different story - one moment INFP and ENTP are stuc...
A funny story about the MBTI types by MichaelaJacobsen2
A funny story about the MBTI typesby Michaela Jacobsen
All the MBTI types live together in an apartment building. some are in different rooms, but the premise is Enfp, Intj, Istp, and Esfj all live together in one room, and...
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MBTI by 12ann10
MBTIby ♡☆♡☆
This mbti book is the ultimate guide for understanding people on a whole new level. Contains mbti humour, facts, theories, advice, stereotypes, thoughts and advice :)
• MBTI Imagines • by 1228load
• MBTI Imagines •by (*゚ー゚)ゞ
Short Imagines of MBTI Pairings! (MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) You may request for which pairing you would want to see in a scenario of your choice! [Update: Req...
MBTI Incorrect Quotes by littlesushiroll22
MBTI Incorrect Quotesby littlesushiroll22
*cover belongs to me*
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A Guy In The Analysts Club by rectangularglasses3
A Guy In The Analysts Clubby rectangularglasses3
The MBTIs. They have to do their job:to be good personalities. INTP is a scientist,ESFP is a musician,you all get it. Well everyone is doing their jobs just fine,except...
MBTI Incorrect Scenarios. by riniroses
MBTI Incorrect rinose
welcome, this is my second book talking about MBTI, i will be posting some of MBTI Incorrect Scenarios, hope you enjoy them too. DISCLAIMER: the images and most of the s...
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Mbti~ by YoniChann
Mbti~by Yoni
انماط الشخصيات كل شيء من حسابات ومواقع
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autumn at university (MBTI story) 🍂 by weheartrainylondon
autumn at university (MBTI story) weheartrainylondon
(all of the picture's in the story are not owned by me, they are from pinterest 🫶🏻) THE SHIPS: enfpxintj isfjxestp entpxinfj enfjxinfp istjxesfp intpxistp entjxestj i...
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MBTI Story by taoh_hltdp
MBTI Storyby Taoh🧝🏻‍♂️
16 MBTI personality types together🤭
MBTI things by asparaguslobshannie
MBTI thingsby Lynxie~
As the tittle suggests just mbti things.... I don't own any of these i just found them on internet so the credit goes to the respective creators(and ofc i don't even kno...
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All things ENFP by ChaosSoulWrites
All things ENFPby Chaos
Hello everyone! It's me...Chaos! I know it's been a long time, but as an ENFP myself I have decided to make a book dedicated to my MBTI type. I will be discussing my own...
MBTI MEME by tanya034702
MBTI MEMEby Kyoken Mad dog
*LƯU Ý: MEME BẰNG TIẾNG ANH XD Trắc nghiệm MBTI, làm trước khi xem :D
mbti scenarios by nevoosius
mbti scenariosby nevoosius
mbti/16personalities in a comedy book ig??
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Personality Types Facts by humanistbitch
Personality Types Factsby humanistbitch
Sequel to "Personality Types Stuff". Found out what your personality type is in previous book? Why don't you read a few facts about your and other MBTI person...
MBTI~world by Kimtae-lina
MBTI~worldby シ꓄ꍏꏂ꒒ꀤꈤシ
ئێرە جیهانەکەی منە بۆ خوولیا تایبەتییەکەم MBTI