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dilarafoz द्वारा Mehr-o-Mah | مہر و ماہ ✓
Mehr-o-Mah | مہر و ماہ ✓... द्वारा
Mehr-o-Mah (مہر و ماہ) - The sun and the moon A collection of short stories filled with love, spice, drama and a roller coaster of emotions and...
sruthilaya13 द्वारा manan- a cute love story
manan- a cute love storysruthi_sru द्वारा
My very first fanfiction story: #1 in #fanfiction on 09/05/2016 for a week & again on 09/06/2016 more than a week (same date.. haha :) ) ..!! Got nominated in The Gem A...
Ashu1121 द्वारा Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi I √
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi I √𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐰𝐢𝐧 𝐁𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐨... द्वारा
It is a story about three brothers and their one and only sister.. They leave oberoi mansion and go to start afresh... Then start the journey of their new life.. What wi...
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Starryxnight_ द्वारा A Twisted Tale [HUMOR]✔
A Twisted Tale [HUMOR]✔Inactive द्वारा
Previously known as Humari Hatke Love Story. ~Unusual I Like You's and I Love you's~ Covercredits- heer❤
jangma द्वारा Accidental Parents
Accidental Parentsjangma द्वारा
A cute story on Sandhir with a lot of funny moments . Please give it a try. 07 in Humor on 16-4-2017 08 in Humor on 9-4-2017 09 in Humor on 9-4-2017 11 in Humor on 8-4-2...
Starryxnight_ द्वारा Maa Ya Biwi?[HUMOR]✔
Maa Ya Biwi?[HUMOR]✔Inactive द्वारा
"Manik!!!!" "Yes mom, coming!" I shouted. I was about to leave but stopped in my tracks when I heard another voice,"Manik baby!!!" "Ye...
saminthelostworld द्वारा Kyy: Life After Musicana.[✔️Completed]
Kyy: Life After Musicana.[✔️Comple...saminthelostworld द्वारा
Well the name says it all.. Peep in to know more. [ HIGHEST RANK: #1 in SHORT STORIES ON 21st November 2017- 20th January 2018 Rank # 2 on 19th-20th November 2017 ...
Insane_Rhyme द्वारा Pyar Ki Ek Dasta
Pyar Ki Ek Dasta L.D द्वारा
Doh dil kismat se milte hai aur pyaar ki rah par nikal padte hai. Purvi Tiwari Has a little secret sealed from the world buried deep down in her heart. She is often call...
Savage_Bahu_Rani द्वारा BTS hinglish oneshots
BTS hinglish oneshots Savage_Bahu_Rani द्वारा
nothing much to say, bass time pass hai yeh 🙂
Word_ink द्वारा Kundali Bhagya : path of destiny
Kundali Bhagya : path of destinydm द्वारा
current track..... in my way😁😁😁 Some secrets to reveal🤨🤨🤨 .... Peep to know😌😌😌 my first story please support...🙏🙏🙏🙏 Here presenting My story with character...
ShineInPeace द्वारा Manan FF: TERA FITOOR
Manan FF: TERA FITOOR~Mysterious~ द्वारा
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS LOVE RIDE A beautiful love ride of an RJ Nandini Murthy and the Businessman Manik Malhotra. Lovestory between the mystery girl having full faith and...
cotton_blossom द्वारा Ishq ke Tante (Complete ✔)
Ishq ke Tante (Complete ✔)Aashi💫 द्वारा
This is based on my One Shot Happy Holi on Sandhir. The characters and story is the same but with more details. The dialogues are in Hindi for the sake of essence and...
Venomika द्वारा pyaar ka twist
pyaar ka twistVenomika द्वारा
This is a story about 2 middle class sisters Gauri and anika , who fall in love with the high class oberoi brothers shivaay and omkara. This will be a comedy story w...
cotton_blossom द्वारा How To Break : Best friend's Wedding.
How To Break : Best friend's Weddi...Aashi💫 द्वारा
Started - 23 November 2018 Completed - 20 January 2019 Status- COMPLETE The first story in the #HTB franchise. Books are going to be stand alone. A Sandhir short story...
MisterAugust द्वारा देख तमाशा: लघु कथाओं का संग्रह
देख तमाशा: लघु कथाओं का संग्रहAshutosh Mishra द्वारा
रचना - देख तमाशा लेखक - आशुतोष मिश्रा देख तमाशा दरअसल दिल की डाइयरी जैसी है! जो अच्छा लगा, लिख दिया! ज़्यादा कुछ सोचा नहीं! यहाँ आपको लघु कथायें, विचार, कुछ कवित...
avneet_love द्वारा #𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖖 [ON HOLD]
#𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖖 [ON HOLD]avneet_love द्वारा
She loves him 💕 He rejects 💔 He loves her 💕 She rejects 💔 Both love each other ❤ Family.....????
MysticalWatersx द्वारा Tangled Lies
Tangled LiesInsan_E द्वारा
Naina has come to Bombay from Ahmedabad rebelling against her family for her job. She wants to be the quintessential independent girl not to be marred by anyone's taunts...
luvthvgguk द्वारा Psycho Writer Ki Pagal Story
Psycho Writer Ki Pagal Story𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐞. द्वारा
Hi, namaste and salam! Are you ready for a desi roller coaster? :.A BTS Desi-Crack Fanfiction.: (!) SLOW UPDATES: 'cause author is the queen of procrastination and dying...
Israt_Ayesha द्वारा Dhoop Mein Barsaat
Dhoop Mein BarsaatIsrat_Ayesha द्वारा
Woh iss kaari dhoop may baarish ki tarha meri zindegi may aaya aur mere maan kay viran gali may Indradhanush kay woh saat rang bhar gaya. May Uss rang kay piche bhagti r...