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Beautiful Stranger (How I Met Your Mother) by sseanna
Beautiful Stranger (How I Met Sseanna
Ted is in love again. But this time it's not Robin. Or is it?
How I Met Your Father Ted/OC/Barney by Nymphomaniac2
How I Met Your Father Ted/OC/Barneyby Rosalina Lockwood
Katherine Heide is one complicated girl. Her Dad left when she was just two years old, her Mom never expected anything great to ever become of her, and she's in a relat...
A New Level of Stupid | Barney Stinson Fanfiction by writinganomaly
A New Level of Stupid | Barney writinganomaly
[ "I'm different around you." ] [ "In a bad way?" ] [ "No, in the best way." ] How I Met Your Mother Season 1...
Operation: Orphan Annie by Fanatic_Squared
Operation: Orphan Annieby Fanatic Squared
Barney Stinson is known not to like kids, but the women love them. So when he comes across street kid Annie, the duo come up with a deal. Annie plays Barney's kid, allow...
HIMYM Preferences  by learningtofangirl101
HIMYM Preferences by Emmeline Wagner
How I Met Your Mother Preferences and One Shots Must I say more? (Requests now open To request a preference or one shot/imagine, comment anywhere in the story or send a...
Himym Imagines/Preferences  by whitefinch10
Himym Imagines/Preferences by firewire
Yay finally a HIMYM imagine/preference! I'll be doing preferences and imagines on the guys (Ted, Marshall, and of course Barney) the ladies are only for requests. This i...
How I met your father by legendawson
How I met your fatherby sarah
Barney/Ted fic :) I'm bad a descriptions :/
Because I Love You  by BrittanyCarreon
Because I Love You by BrittanyC
"I hate you..." Fay shouted with tears coming down her face "I hate you because-because I love you and I can't have you" Fay falls on her knees in fr...
Scorlily | Meant To Be  by 9Harry9
Scorlily | Meant To Be by Harry Potter
Highest Ranking - #52 in Adventure *Scorpius Malfoy Time Travel Fanfic* Scorpius Malfoy, Bad boy- player of his time suddenly whisks to the past.. What happens when fall...
meet my oc's by multifangirl19
meet my oc'sby multifangirl19
NI DA YAN GIDAN MU by DeequsUsman
NI DA YAN GIDAN MUby DeequsUsman
Wannan ne littafi na na farko,Allah sa inyi abin arziki your comments and likes will be appreciated 😅 Life is full of ups and downs,when we think we got everything f...
How I Met Your Mother QUOTES   by rubixoxo
How I Met Your Mother QUOTES by rubi
How I Met Your Mother QUOTES
After by tillowrosenclay619
Afterby Multifandomania
This is a How I Met Your Mother x Buffy fanfic. After Sunnydale's destruction, Willow is still struggling with the aftermath of Tara's death, so she casts a spell to ma...
The Newcomer by TheGeniuses
The Newcomerby TheGeniuses
When Sophie relocates to New York, she meets an old friend and soon finds a new family in a new home. Follow Sophie as she navigates adulthood in New York and follows h...
City That Never Sleeps by lpbecerra
City That Never Sleepsby lpbecerra
Lori Navarro sits her kids down to tell them the story of how she met their father. And then some. (himym fan fiction) (Ted Mosby x OC)
Challenge Accepted || How I Met Your Mother AU by Rosss_the_boss
Challenge Accepted || How I Met Ross the (w)riter
Barney, a closeted bisexual, has been having problems with keeping his secret, especially after Marshal, and Lilly caught onto his "crush". After constant aski...
Aunt Curly ( How I Met Your Mother BarneyXOC ) by Brightgreeneyes107
Aunt Curly ( How I Met Your Brightgreeneyes107
Cassie Daniels met her best friends when she moved to New York city and started to work as a waitress at MacLaren's as a part time job along with her job as a photograph...
La Vie En Rosa || How I Met Your Mother by ViennaNix
La Vie En Rosa || How I Met Your ☕️
|How I Met Your Mother| "She made me happy and changed me for the better. And I'm thankful for it" In which Barney Stinson falls in love with a women na...
Meant to be... A How I Met Your Mother Fan Fic by mynameslaurie
Meant to be... A How I Met Your Lauren
Robin has cheated on Kevin with Barney. She was told she couldn't have children after thinking she was expecting a child which turned out it was never going to happen...