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Office Hours by MissMayaa
Office Hoursby MissMya
"Wow your lips are so damn soft" he moans I giggle. "Thanks?" "Welcome, but you want to know what I think" He asks, his lips moving progres...
Lost in Business! (Classic Harem) by SANSationalpuns9
Lost in Business! (Classic Harem)by SANSational puns
It's about a certain skeleton that wants to have a lazy life, but how can he do that if so many other skeleton wants to ruin it.
AFTER  HOURS by PoorvishaVasanth
AFTER HOURSby Poorvisha Vasanth
Loren Woods had moved out from her parents to her apartment and it has been a year since she was living in her paradise, pursuing her studies until the neighbouring apar...
Roblox Hours Oneshot!  by Dauntless_Night
Roblox Hours Oneshot! by Livelaughandlove
✧─── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧ This is a Oneshot book about Hours Roblox Hours is an underrated yet good game made by superrun100 Willing to do: Fluff Angst Lemon Platonic ...
Defending through time-A TDS x HOURS Fanbook by Port3l_150
Defending through time-A TDS x HOU...by Port3l
HOURS x TDS crossover lol (go play hours its a good game) Scout's life is turned on it's head when he meets Vestige, a part cyborg gunner from a different universe. He w...
1989 (A Paul Walker Fan-Fiction) by Kylie_G425
1989 (A Paul Walker Fan-Fiction)by Kylie
Kayla Boots and her mom and brother move to California for a fresh start in their lives. Kayla has always wanted to live in California, especially moving to The Valley...
The Tells of Hallowgreen  by skatergirl1345
The Tells of Hallowgreen by Salem
In 1904, Christopher Lightwood was sent to the Hallowgreen Manor in hopes of getting better training. It's there he falls in love with the mysterious Sage. She is beauti...
 Universal Lane Azur Critical (Azur Lane x OC) (Slow updates cuz im demotivated) by Wisely_Umbra
Universal Lane Azur Critical (Azu...by Wisely_Umbra
This robloxian named Megabolt becomes bored in his after three months of taking jobs for money and now he's rich but doesn't spend on luxury at all, he was investigating...
Port3l's Sketchroom (and headcanons!!) by Port3l_150
Port3l's Sketchroom (and headcanon...by Port3l
It's what the title says Yes, this is a sketchbook, so don't expect there to be storytelling in this. I do these when i'm bored, so i won't be drawing as often as i writ...
The Last Hours (Theories) by VickyAna
The Last Hours (Theories)by Βάσω Α.
Warning: This might contain spoilers for The Last Hours and other Cassandra Clare's books. Here are some theories and speculations over the upcoming Cassandra Clare's s...
Fall in Love With Princess Hours (2021 remake) by vlin93
Fall in Love With Princess Hours (...by vlin93
(Because I am so happy that my fav drama going to have the remake version, so I decided to make my own story with my own cast. The main story won't be different from the...
24 hours by cosmicwin
24 hoursby kei
Off asked Gun to be his boyfriend for "24 hours".
Wolves in the Woods (Complete) by nightcat
Wolves in the Woods (Complete)by Kes Osborne
Casee is a misfit, a complete fluke, and she is on the run for more than just her life; she is running for her freedom. Her father, a powerful Alpha, who rules with fear...
Back To Reality/Comedy Time Travel by The_fake
Back To Reality/Comedy Time Travelby The_fake
Yes the book has two names.This shows you what really happend in history.I threw it together real quick.Short story with allot of chapters. "What is this book?"...
Blonde Jokes. by nataliecw
Blonde Jokes.by Natalie
Blonde Jokes :) if you think they're funny, you can tell them to your friends :)
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Damon and bonnie after hours.part 2 ( not by original author) by dog036
Damon and bonnie after hours.part...by alesha
Bonnie is just a girl who wants to survive high school. compelled by the vampire Damon Salvatore in the original book Bonnie and Damon after hours, but Bonnie starts to...
Letters from Shanti Ashram, India by DivyaWeed
Letters from Shanti Ashram, Indiaby Divya Weed
I lived in India from 1984-2005, and wrote to my parents regularly about my adventures in Indian ashrams. From 1984-1993 and again 2001-2005, I was living in Puttaparthi...
Some drawing shit i did in my life. (WIP) by Folder_pdf
Some drawing shit i did in my life...by tobias
Yes because why not. (It includes many fandoms, JJBA refrences, and AF2/3 characters including made by me. It was for fun)
❝๏ŦŦเςє ђ๏ยгร❞ by myheromerek
❝๏ŦŦเςє ђ๏ยгร❞by its who we are
▓|[Ξ¯-ـ‗ஜ Ϡ₡لبىஜ‗ـ-¯Ξ]|▓ Just sign a contract to sell your sou- ▓|[Ξ¯-ـ‗ஜ Ϡ₡لبىஜ‗ـ-¯Ξ]|▓ you'll never sleep again!!! ▓|[Ξ¯-ـ‗ஜ Ϡ₡لبىஜ‗ـ-¯Ξ]|▓ get the promotion ▓|[Ξ¯...