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Son born in darkness  by DJMM15
Son born in darkness by Vortex’s Multiverse
Alone, angry, sad, guilty and regretful this is what Ichigo Kurosaki former substitute soul reaper was feeling as right now he had no powers and no friends by his side h...
Bleach l White l Fanfiction  by Gamejet
Bleach l White l Fanfiction by Gamejet
I claim no rights or anything associated with the Bleach series and/or its characters. This story is also not my own idea as it is belongs to Melkor's Mercy. Please don'...
Hollowed Heart (Hichigoxreader) by MegaTrio
Hollowed Heart (Hichigoxreader)by greg
All pictures are off the internet unless stated otherwise. I do not own bleach. You are (y/n) Inoue, the hollow within Orihime. You were awakened when witnessing a subst...
Follow your instincts. by BIG_GOOSEY2
Follow your instincts.by The strongest
He wasn't born like normal people no he was created artificially by a mad scientist who was experimenting on souls. The scientist killed people called shingami's and fu...
Protecting the Protector (Shirosaki x Ichigo) by Crunchynn
Protecting the Protector (Shirosak...by Crunchynn
Ichigo is always protecting others, so who will protect him when he's caught off-guard? A certain Hollow-Zanpakuto takes steps to remind Ichigo that he can rely on other...
Princess [A Hichigo X Reader FanFiction]  by valkiray
Princess [A Hichigo X Reader FanFi...by Lulu
You, royalty. Your family's mansion was invaded a couple weeks prior by the Shirosaki Palace and your family's army was powerless to stop them. Your family banished, sca...
Bleach One Shots! by manda_panda789
Bleach One Shots!by Skylar
Disclaimer, I obviously don't own bleach but the Idea's are mine. Please don't steal them, if you want to use them in your own stories then let me know at least. Bleach...
Naruto the Card Master. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Naruto the Card Master.by Naruto Namikaze
Instead of learning the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, Naruto learned something else. He found a seal under the Multi Shadow clone jutsu. He remembered what Iruka told him in...
Bleach: A Complete Vizored (ON HOLD) by JayFrom13
Bleach: A Complete Vizored (ON HOL...by God of Universe 13
This story alters history after episode 155, the episode Rukia kills Aarroniero. A Vizored who had his inner Hollow take over 110 years ago, wonders Hueco Mundo and find...
A Rude Awakening by Pyro-Mage003
A Rude Awakeningby Pyro-Mage003
The winter war is over, and peace has returned to the Seiretei and the world of the living. Ichigo has gotten bored with the overwhelming quiet. There has been less and...
Koi no Yokan by RosarioAvenger2022
Koi no Yokanby FauxeGold
Koi no Yokan: the premonition of love. After the betrayal of Aizen, The Soul Society wages a long and vicious war against him and his arrancars. In order to bring a swif...
Empty Soul (Rewriting) by Tartaru00s
Empty Soul (Rewriting)by Karu
Ichigo Kurosaki; a normal nine year old child in all aspects of the word. He had friends, a supportive family that had recently grown, and things seemed to be going well...
I Told You So! by WarriorMan199456
I Told You So!by WarriorMan199456
Bleach 540 spoilers! When Nimaiya reveals to Ichigo who his real Zanpakuto is, a certain Hollow takes the time to brag to Ichigo that he was right. Too bad Ichigo still...
Her Spiritual Pressure- Hollow Ichigo x Reader by Kazui-chan1
Her Spiritual Pressure- Hollow Ich...by Kazui Kurosaki
Just a normal day for our protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki. But then, he feels a strange spiritual pressure coming from a girl he had never seen before. But he's not the onl...
The Last Hope- Gogito (Sequel To The Unknown) by isaakthewolf
The Last Hope- Gogito (Sequel To T...by Isaak Michaelson
After being killed by Shiro or better known as (Y/n) Apocalypse. You are revived by Gogito the second strongest Herrscher to date and place into a new body that Otto Apo...
The Canopy of Las Noches by RosarioAvenger2022
The Canopy of Las Nochesby FauxeGold
After a vicious battle on the canopy of Las Noches the dust settles, and a moment of peace is allowed to shine through. This is a highly self-indulgent piece that featur...
A Dragonic Hollow by SCORPIONfox00
A Dragonic Hollowby SCORPIONfox00
Ichigo Kurosaki was never born with in the Kurosaki family nor is he even human Ichigo was born with the parents of a mother whose a dragon and a father whose a hollow...
It's ya boi, Hitsugaya//Bleach Edits and Memes by cxnstellatinq
It's ya boi, Hitsugaya//Bleach Edi...by yuurei
"In another world, another version of Tōshirō Hitsugaya lives... and this version of the midget captain turns out to be a memelord?!" . . . This pretty much ju...
The red string. by HoshiroKurogaya
The red string.by ⱧØ₴ⱧłⱤØ ₭ɄⱤØ₲₳Ɏ₳
Toshiro Hitsugaya is a 15 year old high school boy. He is the cousin of the Kurosakis and Hiro Ichimaru. Toshiro and his twin brother, Hoshiro, are both transferred from...