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The mates by harrypotterships1
The matesby harrypotterships1
!Discontinued! Harry goes through a creature inherence and goes to his newly found friend, Draco Malfoy. At Malfoy manor he finds out shocking thing about the light. Sud...
Projet de classe... ou plus que ça ? by Kuroshiro146
Projet de classe... ou plus que ça...by Kuroshiro146
Durant sa dernière année à Poudlard, Harry se voit obligé de prendre son courage à deux mains pour aller voir son professeur si redouté Severus Rogue afin de lui parler...
L'elfe d'émeraude et le vampire d'onyx by LaLouveduCosm0s
L'elfe d'émeraude et le vampire d'...by Shadow
Et si Harry Potter avait été recueillit par des elfes après la mort de ses parents et celle présumée de Voldy-chou? Si il devenait un elfe? Et si( et oui encore un autre...
Demon/Angel & other creatures Harry & friends  by MysticPheonix_14
Demon/Angel & other creatures Harr...by Sunrise_Sunset
like the title says but I'll also put a description in the story
To catch a thief by ElizaIrineAtler
To catch a thiefby ElizaIrine Atler
What would happen if the Dursleys abandoned Harry Potter before he could attend school? What kind of problems would a street wise, self-reliant, and Slytherin Harry coul...
A Cause For Concern (Snarry) by Fairduckling
A Cause For Concern (Snarry)by Fairduckling
When Severus is patrolling the halls late at night, what will he do when he comes across some distressed Griffindors who lead him to an even more distressed Griffindors...
Creature inheritance ( snarry) by MysticPheonix_14
Creature inheritance ( snarry)by Sunrise_Sunset
Harry is Lady magic heir alongside the heir of Hogwarts and more and the creatures of the forbidden forest loves Harry read to find out more
Snarry One Shots by someonewhoisnoone109
Snarry One Shotsby someonewhoisnoone109
Snarry One Shots based around pictures I found off the internet and my mind.
I'm not sorry  by shygirlssecrets
I'm not sorry by shygirlssecrets
what if Harry reacted differently whenever Severus Snape tried to protect him from Remus under the whomping Willow? AN: this is %100 indulgent and for fun if somethin...
◊ Mysterious Animagus ◊ by fanfictionfan6666
◊ Mysterious Animagus ◊by • lilbookworm •
Everyone with basic knowledge on the subject knows that one's Animagus form represents their inner animal, their soul's animal form. So, what happens when Harry Potter d...
El 7 de Septiembre by Magic_Lilac
El 7 de Septiembreby Magic.Lilac
¡De verdad odio las descripciones! Después de Mucho tiempo rotos los lazos que nos unían, no entiendo por que sigo atado a este día, este lugar y sobretodo a tu parecen...
Expecting the unexpected  by lyspruner
Expecting the unexpected by HarryPotterLover8
When Harry Potter comes home from a relatively hard day at work he gets a surprise visit from the person he least wanted to see. In the middle of this mess of his can he...
Snarry by SlytherinQueen20098
Snarryby Little Rose
Hadrian has a secret. His brother is Derek Hale and his best friend is Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.
betrayed Harry Hermione and Ginny  by MysticPheonix_14
betrayed Harry Hermione and Ginny by Sunrise_Sunset
so the light betrayed Harry Hermione and Ginny they friends stuck with them thro and now Harry Hermione and Ginny and they friends want revenge but they have to become s...