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His Wolf (Drarry) by PaganKing16
His Wolf (Drarry)by PaganKing
The Golden trio are the famous werewolf pack, known for fighting against Voldemort but when they are captured they have no legal rights and are put up for adoption. What...
if things were different by Allexiiisss
if things were differentby Allexiiisss
What happens when the weasleys had another daughter but she wasn't like them at all What happens when a certain blonde boy becomes infatuated with her well find out in...
Domina Mortis [Tom Riddle] by galax10939
Domina Mortis [Tom Riddle]by galax
Just a normal girl who gets reincarnated in the world of Harry Potter... ...as Harry Potter older sister ! ____________ Sorry I'm not good at descriptions. English is no...
Pjo, HoO, HP and THG memes and head cannons  by -heartbreakprince-
Pjo, HoO, HP and THG memes and hea...by Anna (Any pronouns)
*about 15 memes on each chapter* I have two versions of the length of the description Short version: Read the title Long version: Read the title. Also hi.
Y/N Dumbledore Y/N x Harry Potter by Smiley0913
Y/N Dumbledore Y/N x Harry Potterby Smiley0913
I was born, daughter to Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, Granddaughter to Merlin. I have four special friends Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Ha...
Muilti fandom gif imagines and preferences!! by tiktok567843
Muilti fandom gif imagines and pre...by tiktok567843
Harry Potter, the vampire diaries ,the 100,teen wolf, maze runner and 5 seconds of summer, outer banks and more! P.s I do not own any photos or video in this story!
Sad Drarry A Hanahaki Story by Ash7438
Sad Drarry A Hanahaki Storyby Ash7438
This was created by me and my friend (Ava, and I am Mia). Dray has a crush on Harry, but doesn't want to tell him. Harry is also in a forced relationship with Ginny (who...
George Weasley x Y/n Potter by Bloodygothicrise666
George Weasley x Y/n Potterby Alex
Y/n is excited to see her best friend Ron Weasley after a long summer break. What she doesn't expect is that his older brother seemed to get even hotter. George was her...
Hp bald cast by s5arh_potterwify
Hp bald castby sarah
Read the tittle and you will know, but I will explain I will explain, so I got some of the Harry Potter cast bald not all and they're mostly the boys but I hope they ful...
Uncle Sparky by Salazar-Slytherin_01
Uncle Sparkyby Powerful_Halfbloods_
Harry has been the master of Death for centuries And has always been told never become attached to someone. But he got attached to two women from when they were kids. Th...
Youngest Weasley  by jungkookwife05
Youngest Weasley by jungkookwife05
Hi I'm Jenny Weasley. I'm the youngest Weasley daughter I'm 3 years old and it's Fred and George last year at school they are my favorite. All my siblings except Percy b...
~Harry Potter~ short stories  by Makenzie943572
~Harry Potter~ short stories by ~Weasley~Stan~
This book will have max multiple part stories of different Harry Potter character stories. (hints the name) Some small details you should know. 1: Her/she Pronounce wil...
Best friends with a keeper by hogwartswriter_12
Best friends with a keeperby hogwartswriter_12
You and Oliver wood have been best friends ever since your 1st year, when you wandered into the quidditch field during a match between Slytherin and gryffindor.
Slytherin's princess by live4daddydraco
Slytherin's princessby live4daddydraco
Genevieve Potter, Harry's little twin sister, Draco Malfoy, Brooke Malfoy, dracos Cousin Brooke and Genevieve are best friends, Genevieve and Malfoy dislike eachother...
New girl by potterhead1748
New girlby potterhead1748
Y/n Bree You have just moved here from America the only American student that will be attending hogwarts, but things get in your way while your there boys, friends, gra...
More than a friend (Harry Potter x reader) by gwenslvr
More than a friend (Harry Potter x...by gwenslvr
Harry and y/n have known each other since their first year at Hogwarts, they are now older and start to feel things to each other but will they ever confess to each othe...
Malfoy's little brother by Flamber3
Malfoy's little brotherby Curtis j Griffin
In the corridors of Hogwarts, Curtis Malfoy, a Gryffindor amidst a lineage of Slytherins, bears unseen scars inflicted by his own family. Despite Ginny Weasley's concern...
To infinity and beyond  by Ashley_Riddle14
To infinity and beyond by Ashley_Riddle14
This is a fanfic for people crushing on Draco and it's my first 😊 "You really do?"I said "ofc I do u idiot."Said ???
The shy girl by santjex
The shy girlby santjex
This is a story about Draco and y/n
Mrs Malfoy by line  by itz_harmonie17
Mrs Malfoy by line by SOFIA RAMIREZ
Audrey Duras another Slytherin pure blood and wealthy family line her family are the Duras,mostly everyone thinks there cold hearted , Audrey attends Hogwarts and is in...