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sik obsession by fridaluvsuu
sik obsessionby frida💗
tiniana finds out she has a stalker... a hot one what will happen?🤭
The Affair by james_iscool
The Affairby James
Lucius malfoy hires danielle (dani) to be his maid. it leads to a steamy kinky affair. SMUT-KINKY-STEAMY
Tom Riddle x Reader Smut by Vapnadomr
Tom Riddle x Reader Smutby Vapnadomr
Sadomasochist smut. Includes degradation, knife-play, blood-play, breeding, and (mild) rape fantasy. You've been warned. One-shot. We're pretending Tom Riddle is still a...
Eddie! [Smut]  by isabellaheartlife
Eddie! [Smut] by isabellaheartlife
You and Eddie are locked in a small closet during school by the other members of the Hellfire Club trying to hide him with you inside as well on accident. What will happ...
Tik tok (trey lander x reader) by petal3d
Tik tok (trey lander x reader)by petal3d
Little does everyone know you're the mysterious girl behind all those tik tok... DISCLAIMER⚠️⚠️ This is 100% made for jokes and jokes only. This is written for literally...
anonymous oneshots (omegaverse) by gracie15710
anonymous oneshots (omegaverse)by gracie
omegaverse 😝😝 (but literally only just because someone asked)
" embarrassing... " [tartaglia x reader] by shigmaster49
" embarrassing... " [tartaglia x r...by shiggy
childe pissed himself infront of you, what are you gonna do now?
⋆⋅☆⋅⋆~ ''Glass Heart'' ~ by -shxtou
⋆⋅☆⋅⋆~ ''Glass Heart'' ~by [skull emoji]
⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Vox Akuma X Ike Eveland "Vox, please, Don't kill him." ~ •
Thomas the tank engine and dr phill by alycechappell06
Thomas the tank engine and dr phillby alycechappell06
Hard core smut between a train and crappy tv show host
intwined luv by 69drpepper69
intwined luvby a person that can't write
boris is working at aldis and a new bald guy starts working will they fall in love? we'll see
Yeetus Deletus Stories  by XShockwaveX
Yeetus Deletus Stories by XShockwaveX
Hai pls don't compare this to anything else I make.....pls
SERENDIPITY|AmazingPhil by thesinnerisnotonfire
SERENDIPITY|AmazingPhilby 👽
im drowning in my thoughts and they're all about you.
The Queer War - A Story of True Desire by mmmothy
The Queer War - A Story of True De...by dreamcrushed
Mint chocolate chip ice cream B!TCH by -The-Tommo-Way-
Mint chocolate chip ice cream B!TCHby Olivia
I made this just so I can show my stalker bestie the delightful sight of mint chocolate chip ice cream bc they don't think its valid as the most SUPERIOR ice cream flavo...
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Toby x Liu (smut) by Random_british_shet
Toby x Liu (smut)by British_beech
Toby and Liu get into an argument and toby gets really pissed.
Micheal Afton x Reader smut by fruitrollups7
Micheal Afton x Reader smutby SAGEE
You and micheal Afton meet online. your a model and he's a regular guy you really want...read to find out more
Jumin is mine by Spicysemen
Jumin is mineby signe.
Big boy Jimin is the guy and he has his eye on YOU!👁
kermit goes to austria by 1happynarwahl
kermit goes to austriaby 1happynarwahl
kermit is one wild wanker and decides he wants to meet some aussies. where better to meet some aussies than AUSTRIA? Our little friend Kermit is known to be oh so innoc...
kyle gets caught... by uncaffeinated_kylo
kyle gets caught...by kylo <3
based of real episode, in one of the songs kyle plays it states that he'd basically wants to sleep with the person that broke his heart in this episode, COUGHR STAN , s...