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Now a wedgie slave  by wedgielover23x
Now a wedgie slave by wedgielover23x
this is the story on how I became a wedgie slave. At the start I hated it and wanted to be free but now I love being bullied by mistress
Wedgie Bot by Nerdstories32
Wedgie Botby Nerdstories32
A girl gets a strange package at the door and turns it on, only to realize she can't turn it back off.
The tales of a Wedgie Slave by SpaghettiMerchant
The tales of a Wedgie Slaveby Daniel Aarons
Lois, a young girl in London, is kidnapped and forced into being a wedgie slave for 2 women. With no chance of escape, she needs to do as she's told to keep the pain as...
new girl by shush1shush
new girlby Shush Shush
at her new school, April runs into all kinds of trouble
The Wedgie Cop by MrTightyWhities
The Wedgie Copby Daniel Skyes
Daniel Skyes has always been the best at whatever he does. And he likes it that way. The 16-year old Police Academy graduate's starting 6 years early, starting his caree...
Brotherly Love by Dasky56
Brotherly Loveby Darren Skyler
These are real life stories about the wedgies that I've given to my brother.
My school life by princesschica0412
My school lifeby princesschica0412
in this I will basically be talking about why exactly I became a target to bullies and to wrdgies mostly and talk about different times I was bullied throughout my schoo...
Jack's wedgie by WedgieWriter456
Jack's wedgieby WedgieWriter456
Jack being wedgied by Joe
Emma's five-day wedgie week by TheXwriterjack
Emma's five-day wedgie weekby Wedgiewriter
Emma transferred out of her college hometown after being some horrible wedgie experiences, and hopes for a fresh start in Wyoming...
Wedgie path by Wedgie65
Wedgie pathby Wedgie65
An interactive story, where you can pick your path and play a main role in the wedgies given. Have fun! You play a gay teen appoint to school with an older brother.
My True Wedgie Stories by secretuser1470
My True Wedgie Storiesby secretuser1470
I have been wedgied and given wedgies plenty of times in my life. Here i will tell you all those storys
Wedgies by Wedgiebtch
Wedgiesby Wedgiebtch
Here I'll be writing about wedgies I receive and/or fantasize about having done to me. Anyone looking for someone to wedgie, message me or kik me cheekyftm1.
Getting wedgies from my girlfriend by jobeunderscore
Getting wedgies from my girlfriendby jobeunderscore
My girlfriend gave me a wedgie unexpectedly and it turned into an entire session of nonstop wedgies!
A strange new job [WEDGIE STORY] by SpaghettiMerchant
A strange new job [WEDGIE STORY]by Daniel Aarons
After struggling to find a job, Sarah finally is hired as the secretary of Jackson Smith, CEO of a condition company called Limitless. Sarah finds out that things get mo...
Wedgies  by cherryblxssmm
Wedgies by Cherry
Luna the goth and daisy the nicest girl in college discover there love for each other and wedgies
My Wedgie Stories by glirrup
My Wedgie Storiesby glirrup
These wedgies are either me getting them or me giving them. Most of them are me giving them.
The Wedgie Games by Dasky56
The Wedgie Gamesby Darren Skyler
Two friends decide to put their wedgie giving skills to the test to see who is better at giving wedgies. Who will be their victims for this test? Why, they're helpless l...
My heartless wedgie mistress by uh8andrew
My heartless wedgie mistressby wgi.andrew
A teenage boy gets himself in deep trouble with someone he shouldn't have messed with.