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Coach's Baby Girl by southernarmygirl
Coach's Baby Girlby jess.alderman
What will happen when a coach finds out that his #1 player is in love with his daughter?
Ask Soviet by CallMeUSSR
Ask Sovietby YourAverageBitch
Soviet: Ask me anything I guess.. Admin: If you don't ask him, I will! *NOT MY ART UNLESS I SAY SO*
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Heaven is a place with you by ded_kork
Heaven is a place with youby kork 😳
Cute Yaoi Smut Single Shots(bxb/boyxboy) by TheGayYaoiGai
Cute Yaoi Smut Single Shots(bxb/ The Yaoi Gaii!!
Cute yaoi sexy fricklee fracklee stuff one time stories things that come from a gun or some shit.
One-shots de (benxklaus) by patoluna888
One-shots de (benxklaus)by patoluna888
Pues se me hacia que habia muy pocas historias de este shipp
The greatest warrior ✩ a metagala fanfic ✩ by AiAiAiMami
The greatest warrior ✩ a CEO of CRINGE!!
These two have been living in my mind rent free so I'm gonna make a story about them because I love them so much I can't i ca I'll create a better cover soon, lol (and t...
Splatoon: The book of bonuses by fanfanfanficficfic
Splatoon: The book of bonusesby Cringe compilation
Pretty much a bunch of random bonuses that I cannot be bothered adding in with the chapters (until the bulge stops). Because either the chapters are too long, or I'm laz...
Baby Baku (Kiribaku) by Lonely_Writer_WorksL
Baby Baku (Kiribaku)by Loney Works L
1 thing I would like to make clear, if you are reading this because of the tag "Littlespace" And you want a gross thing, no. You can leave. @Prince_in_disguis...
Our texts ~PresMax~ by HIGH_OFF_CAFFEINE
Our texts ~PresMax~by HIGH_OFF_CAFFEINE
Random texts between two teenagers who used to know each other back in the camp they wish never existed. But now they are in high school. What will come out of this? How...
Gʜᴏsᴛɪɴɴɪᴛ by Ender_is_Friendly
Gʜᴏsᴛɪɴɴɪᴛby Ender
ɪᴛ ᴇxᴘʟᴀɪɴs ᴀʟᴏᴛ sᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀʀᴛ ɪs ᴍɪɴᴇ.
How I'm Feeling ~ Poem Book by RaelenTM_writes
How I'm Feeling ~ Poem Bookby F THE DUFFER BROS
Sometimes I can be pretty decent at poetry when it comes to getting my angst out !!THE COVER IS NOT MY ART!! Just the words inside :,) 🤍
Hearts and Scars by Jaegerbombooty
Hearts and Scarsby Sage Adamn Ethos
Thug Levi X Depressed Eren Eren had made a promise but he's slowly giving up on his promise from what seems like ages to him. He suffers from a slight voice in h...
bring the drugs baby, i can bring the pain | namgi/yoonam by kittyxxngi
bring the drugs baby, i can kittyxxngi
SMUT !! SMUT !! SMUT !! Yoongi no sabe qué es peor: ser adicto a la cocaína, o ser adicto a Namjoon. Traducción al español. Todos los créditos a rosacesuga!!
Siempre te voy a elegir by SayoriValencia
Siempre te voy a elegirby unabettyadicta
dos amigos que van a experimentar el amor, el deseo y el odio, que pasara cuando tengan que elegir entre ser felices juntos o el que dirán.. ArMario, un camino tempestuo...
"Albert, it's dark." - Bertdambert (Albert x Adam) Fanfic (Discontineu) by xanderr-
"Albert, it's dark." - .
It's h0T, iTs gey, and "WAY BETTER ThaN Jalbert". mm Yes good. oops, ban. Albert and Adam (Flamingo/MrFLimFlam and Speedy) love ech other stuff.
OD MIŁOŚCI PO MAŁŻEŃSTWO? (czy może zdradę) by neko_nero_chan
Jest to druga część opowiadania p.t. "OD PRZYJAŹNI PO MIŁOŚĆ" Hubert i Karol od roku są parą. Piotrek odpuścił sobie swoje gierki, ale czy aby na pewno? Huber...
Everyone Has Their Glitches (Multi-Sancest Ship Story) by W00ltree
Everyone Has Their Glitches ( W00ltree
After recovering from a virus, ERROR lives with his annoying pals (Nightmare, Killer, Dust, and Horror). After another frustrating night with his insanity, ERROR wakes a...
~Pewna Miłość Która Przetrwa Wszystko~Dxd by tojanieKOSMITA
~Pewna Miłość Która Przetrwa Pan ufó
Pewna miłość która przetrwa wszystko. Oczywiście to książka o gejach jak komuś nie pasi homoseksualizm to ma inne lektury do czytania. Tworzę to dla ludzi któży lubią ta...
ჩემი იქნები by kaorumitsubara
ჩემი იქნებიby 👽Alien girl👽
-ბოლოს მაინც ჩემი იქნები -კი რავა არაა იოცნებე კიდე რა გინდა? -მეტი არაფერი ჯერჯერობით -ვაი შენს პატრონს უბედურს ისტორია ახალ გადმოსულ ბიჭსა და ბედბოი ჯოკზე.