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Yu-Gi-Oh: Universe Link by adrianrc2002
Yu-Gi-Oh: Universe Linkby adrianrc
"Surgió una idea. Llamada la Iniciativa Yu-Gi-Oh! Multiverse. La idea era buscar y reunir a un grupo de duelistas excepcionales, y tratar de convertirlos en algo má...
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Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 1] by Kim_Hae
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo...by 김민해
//This is a fanfic on Scarlet Heart, it may or may not be following the plot// Everyone knows Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin), the best friend of almost all the Princes, and the yo...
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Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 2) by Kim_Hae
Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Hea...by 김민해
//2nd Installment of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Fanfic// Everyone knows about Prince So who became King Gwangjong, and also 3rd Prince Wang Yo, a heartless, mummy's boy. He is...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V x Reader (FAMILY ONE SHOTS) (BOOK: 2) (ENDED) by inari-emperor
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V x Reader (FAMILY O...by t r a n z
I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!
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It's Summer! (DM x Reader) (WORKING PROGRESS) by inari-emperor
It's Summer! (DM x Reader) (WORKIN...by t r a n z
It's summer! This is a collection of two parts stories about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters! Summer themed stories!
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XVI GRAPHICS. by ddoongi
Graphic portfolio/shop...? Prolly gonna flop but I wanna try graphic designing again c:
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Yu-Gi-Oh!  IMPERIUM by CrimsonFafnir
Yu-Gi-Oh! IMPERIUMby Layne Venuze
Los 4 Elementos de la naturaleza; Fuego, Agua, Tierra y Viento se revelan contra el mundo donde los humanos practican sus técnicas en el milenario Duelo de Monstruos. Qu...
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A Flower More Beautiful (G! Sans x Echo Frisk) by Echo_Frisk
A Flower More Beautiful (G! Sans x...by Echo_Frisk
Idk, I'm bored and I ship it XD Also, comment some ideas if you have any or want to. I'll make sure to put you somewhere... I'm still figuring this out... AAANNNYYWAYS E...
clear glass by yoonyoon_monopoly
clear glassby yoongi's therapist
yoongi x rosé fanfic yoongi isnt a pervert. he just so happened to see rosé naked. he couldnt stop staring at her gorgeous body.
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hi by btroeom
hiby btroeom
Bts   реакции  где вы парень. by Musali112
Bts реакции где вы парень.by Musali112
Мне довелось на этом замечательном сайте с помощью в стороннего переводчика в браузере прочесть Реакции BTS male многие их из них офигительные, и поняла что в русской...
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One Player Game (eng.ver) by woonaef
One Player Game (eng.ver)by stupidité humaine
YoonGi, the popular high school boy, to be a well known player. Jimin, the lost boy, new high school with his new group of friends. "Hang on, you'll be hanging on t...
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Forever With You -- CHAEKI'S ONE SHOT STORY by riendonghae
Forever With You -- CHAEKI'S ONE S...by Lee Rien
Romance isn't something you can do easily in Entertainment Business. Gossips, fandom wars, anti-fans are some of the things you really wish you can avoid. Chae Won too...
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Imagine Premades || Open by GraphicImagines
Imagine Premades || Openby ♕ dead royalty ♕
In which the one and only, GraphicImagines, supply you with premades and try to help you find the perfect cover for your book. Cover made by: @-ambedo-
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DK by red_eyes_05
DKby Bun Jung
Thanh Xuân Ấy Chúng Ta Có Được Những Gì? by mimikiwi1110
Thanh Xuân Ấy Chúng Ta Có Được Nhữ...by Meiniez
Một cô gái bé nhỏ lạc trong dòng cảm xúc ngổn ngang của tình cảm bộn bề. Một chàng trai ấu trĩ vì không chống chọi được với sự đau khổ mà làm tổn thương chính người mình...
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... by red_eyes_05
...by Bun Jung
How Diabetic Flour keeps you away from Diabetes | Overra Herbals by overraherbals
How Diabetic Flour keeps you away...by overraherbals
Driven by the alarming statistics of diabetes and the predicament of diabetics, 'Overra Foods' startup team sought to provide solutions that would help people relish the...