[Series | Eunxiao] Họ Tôn và Họ Trình by Maomaos_2122
[Series | Eunxiao] Họ Tôn và Họ Penguin
Bé Trình, Bé Tôn và dàn cameo bao đồng có tổ chức =)))
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Girl Who Cried Wolf  by SinBGfYerin
Girl Who Cried Wolf by SinRin
You don't know what lurks behind you in the dark, you don't know who's there and who isn't. You'll never know who has your back and who doesn't. You don't know who your...
  • sinye
  • sinrin
  • sowon
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beatum | 98 line by popsvelvet
beatum | 98 lineby popsvelvet
"kok, sekelas sama lu pada lagi sih!" collaboration with @mediteranee
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  • pinky
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Unforgettable by mmackerel
Unforgettableby mac
Ketika takdir yang tidak bisa di sangkal memecah pertemuan menjadi perpisahan. Namun, bagi Jungkook, perpisahan bukanlah akhir dari segalanya, ia telah berhasil mencipt...
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TEROR'S !!  (•98'Line Mystery•) by BabyKhun
TEROR'S !! (•98'Line Mystery•)by Violita Hadaad
Siapa dalang dibalik kematian Joo Kyulkyung? Mengapa satu persatu teman-teman Kyulkyung ikut mati menyusulnya? This is 98Line's Mistery Story. ©2018 by Violita Hadaad H...
  • pristin
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 YOU'RE STILL MY #1 by SinRin_GF
YOU'RE STILL MY #1by Kate Francis D. Palmero
I felt my blood rushing to my face and before I knew it I was already blushing from the embarrassment that I got and then the class continues.........
  • yerin
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Superior •[seolbo]  by notsocutebutcute
Superior •[seolbo] by Blyck
"Kim jiyeon." seola smirked. "I saved you from being bullied.You owe me something....Be my girlfriend for one month." ••• im back bitches.(stan wjsn)...
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Có đáng không ? by Kenv27
Có đáng không ?by KenV
Khi bạn có một gia đình êm ấm nhưng người thứ ba xuất hiện và bạn không thể thoát ra Bạn ngày càng lún sâu để rồi mất đi người từng thương vào tay người khác Bạn nghĩ nh...
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[SHORTFIC] [WJSN/ EUNXIAO] Please don't leave me! by Eunxiao2322
Cậu....là thanh xuân của tớ Cậu...là món quà tớ được thượng đế ban tặng Cậu....là món quà vô giá Vì vậy Chengxiao....Đừng rời bỏ tớ, đừng rời khỏi Juyeon...nhé!
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The Wrong Confession || [Monsta X] by Juliet0124
The Wrong Confession || [Monsta X]by Kim Jaehee
A story about a girl planning to confess to her crush since 1st year. Now that she is already in her senior high, she planned confessing already because it's been 5 year...
  • monstax
  • romance
  • eunseo
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WJSN SCENARIOS by KyleisthecoolguyDF
Some scenarios with the largest girl group wjsn Feel free to comment suggestions Y/N X WJSN WJSNXWJSN BXWJSN Or any scenario for the girlsq
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╰ 結 • tear by jvyeon
╰ 結 • tearby ☾
2017 © jvyeon
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Friendzoned? [ BTS JUNGKOOK FF ] by deniceflores10
Friendzoned? [ BTS JUNGKOOK FF ]by Kevin Moon trash aff 🌙
"Can I punch you in the face?" -Eunseo - "Why?" -Jungkook - "Cuz your handsome face is distracting me." -Eunseo - ( Jungkook just chuckles...
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우주소녀 (WJSN/Cosmic Girls) Lyrics by redteamsux
우주소녀 (WJSN/Cosmic Girls) Lyricsby Sol
WJSN lyrics in Romanization (Comes with individual parts). If you guys want me to do the English lyrics for a song or request I do a lyric book for another group let me...
  • dayoung
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hiatus// Red And White | NCT U / SMRookies / NCT Fanfic [ Jaehyun ] by creamistry
hiatus// Red And White | NCT U / miji🍦
[ The First Volume; The First Series; Capturing Daylight Series ] [ NCT U Jung Jaehyun ▪ Moon Taeil ▪ Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul ▪ Cosmic Girls / WJSN Son Eunseo ] &qu...
  • ten
  • jaehyun
  • taeil
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dreams come true | wjsn by gayforchae
dreams come true | wjsnby T R A S H
dawon wasn't expecting to be thrown into the forefront of a magical rebellion against a corrupted monarchy when she went out to go buy food. ~~~ "why do we need cho...
  • fantasy
  • yeonjung
  • cosmicgirls
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Kakao Talk {eunxiao} by hwiiiyoung
Kakao Talk {eunxiao}by juyeon
✿Yuri✿ ☾ eunseo x cheng xiao☽
  • yuri
  • dayoung
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Kuy-98 line🎈 by yeinnie98
Kuy-98 line🎈by gorani🦌
Gebetan lo diambil orang? Apa kabar tu hati?
  • 98line
  • yein
  • chengxiao
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WJSN - Dream Your Fiction [Kumpulan Oneshot] by RecilMozas
WJSN - Dream Your Fiction [ RedDay
Kumpulan cerita member WJSN, kebanyakan Oneshot. Genre bermacam-macam, dimulai dari Tragedy, Fantasy, Romance, Family, Married-Life dll. Walkin, Of The Wind : Seola One...
  • purpleyoo
  • seola
  • meiqi
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The Wrong Confession [MONSTA X FanFic] by ERIO77
The Wrong Confession [MONSTA X ERIO77
Cheng Xiao has a crush on Kihyun for like 1 year. One day, she's going to confess her feelings to Kihyun but she confessed to a wrong person. What will she do about it...
  • wjsn
  • luda
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