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men·ac·ing ♛ ethma  by dhxdols
men·ac·ing ♛ ethma by 𝕳𝖆𝖓
menacing /ˈmɛnɪsɪŋ/ adjective suggesting the presence of danger; threatening. there's no dark without light, and if Ethan Dolan has light, Emma Chamberlain wants to be i...
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behind closed doors (ethma) by theaa-
behind closed doors (ethma)by thea
Emma and Ethan went to school together. Sure, they were friendly, not friends. *Trigger warning; Abuse, Depression, panic attacks*
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delicate | ethma  by majesticgray
delicate | ethma by emily
emma and ethans friendship was delicate, they were best friends. but what happens when they try to prove that they could make a great couple?
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The Boy who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window / Ethma by _sofiag
The Boy who Sneaks in my Bedroom S҉O҉F҉
*REVISED INTO ETHMA FAN FIC AUTHOR-KIRSTY MOSELEY Emma Chamberlain and her older brother, Blake, have an abusive father. One night her brother's best friend, Ethan, sees...
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you're still the one | ethma  by ghostxn
you're still the one | ethma by m
*UNDER CONSTRUCTION* *lowercase intended* "hey, don't cry," he gives me a sympathetic smile and wipes my tears away with the pads of his thumbs. "you're...
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it's so lonely here by endlesslyethma
it's so lonely hereby endlesslyethma
Emma moves to LA after her neighbor tries to murder her. Things are starting to look up as she got an apartment, became part of the Sister Squad, and started dating Etha...
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Lunchbox friends by BellJule123
Lunchbox friendsby BellJule123
He almost ran the red looking at me.
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alive | ethma by sadboigrant
alive | ethmaby meg
She falls in love with everything life has to offer to her. The world is her playground. He prefers to stay guarded against what life has to offer him. The world is his...
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hidden | ethma  by sovlpsycho
hidden | ethma by jen
REVISED originally written by seasidestyles
the hook-up. {ethma} by calebwlyy
the hook-up. {ethma}by Dolanegx
just a complicated love story in which 2 people catch feelings after a hookup - - this is revised all rights reserved to original writer kristen callihan. i didn't right...
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whisper-ethma by ninalovesenya
whisper-ethmaby NiNA
-REVISED- Emma is always looking forward to tomorrow, especially at the start of her senior year. She's ready to pack in as much friend time as possible, to finish colle...
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Attached  by grethmaaaaa
Attached by Luna
Ethma stuck together. • No spoilers sorry. • Enjoy!♡
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emma & ethan by sunsetlover9
emma & ethanby sunsetlover9
And with my arms wrapped around her, we imploded.
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bullied | e.d. by dolansphilz
bullied | me
he bullied me until i couldn't take it anymore.
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Fragile by beautamor
Fragileby beautamor
emma and ethan participate in a fake dating challenge for youtube. will they catch feelings in the process? rankings - #3 in youtube - #1 in sistersquad - #3 in ethando...
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back to you | ethma  by majesticgray
back to you | ethma by emily
"because i still love you" sequel to despise
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Lies|ethma by calebwlyy
Lies|ethmaby Dolanegx
Emma chamberlain is a 16 year old teen in high school And Ethan dolan is a 17 year old 'bad boy' in high school Never have they talked, never had one of them popped into...
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Exchange student•EDxEC~Ethma• by ethmasbitchx
Exchange student•EDxEC~Ethma•by 🍒💗
A story of which a boy and his twin brother go on a student exchange trip, only to meet someone they'd never forget, in the process. An Original Ethma story
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Lōst Tō Lōver's - Ethma  by dolanchambie101
Lōst Tō Lōver's - Ethma by dolanchambie788
~• Completed •~ Ethan need's a tutor and Emma need's a distraction from reality. But what happens when the "bulldog" and the lost girl start to catch feeli...
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Balcony love  by TeAHoT_23
Balcony love by Tea_sister
"what do you want now ethan" I said looking at him "after practice I will meet you at your balcony" "what" "just I'm taking you some...
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