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Fairy Tail: Dragon Prince by Duke_Aaron
Fairy Tail: Dragon Princeby Aaron
(Prequel to Jikan no Noroi or an AU, whatever fits) (Also I am indecisive and thus I am trying to rewrite this one in a better way.) ____________________________________...
Enchantress (FT x NS x BC) by Omorfia_Goddess
Enchantress (FT x NS x BC)by Omorfia_Goddess
After Irene killed herself she had been reborned into a new world, a new dimension , she had thought of repenting her sins back in the wizard world and bring back into h...
Dawn of Adventure {Book One of The Paths We've Traveled} by heart_of_roses
Dawn of Adventure {Book One of Diana
Fairy Tail's strongest team has embarked on the Century Quest, a job that no one has been able to complete in a hundred years, not even Gildarts. But they have something...