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The Guard (Elsa x Fem Reader) by elsa_snowflake1
The Guard (Elsa x Fem Reader)by Elsa ❄️
Arendelle's soldiers were being watched carefully, so that the best one would be picked for Queen Elsa. That wasn't a hard task, as one soldier easily stood out above th...
Elsa X Female Reader One-shots  by LostInCrushes
Elsa X Female Reader One-shots by move, i’m 𝓰 𝓪 𝔂
My gay brain made me do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Elsa x Reader One shots. by Not-So-Everlark2K18
Elsa x Reader One shots.by Happily Married to the Snow Q...
who else wouldn't want a one shot of the ever loving Snow Queen herself?! BxG GxG G!P
Elsa x Reader Shots by SluggyHorn
Elsa x Reader Shotsby SnowAndFlakes
Here's a bunch of stories between you and Elsa. <Slow Updates> {Various Elsa x reader stories | Mostly female readers} *I DON'T OWN FROZEN* Special thanks to @acid...
The Snow Queen and The Iron Heart by Not-So-Everlark2K18
The Snow Queen and The Iron Heartby Happily Married to the Snow Q...
(Y/N) Morgan Stark, famous from her father's legacy, and Iron Man. Like Tony Stark, she is well-known as Genius, Billionaire, Playgirl, Philanthropist. She is also well...
The Queen's Supersoldier | Frozen | Elsa × Fem!Reader (DISCONTINUED) by ShadySaltySassy3
The Queen's Supersoldier | Frozen...by God & Anime
Life on the ranch is dull and repetitive for Y/n, but when she hears the Queen is looking for a new personal guard, she's ready to step up to the task. Will Y/n become t...
We are Found ( Elsa x Female Reader ) by nero_claudius_101
We are Found ( Elsa x Female Reade...by nerocaelle20
"What secrets are you hiding?" My first time writing.. I don't really know what to write.. lol Please be kind to me :)
(OLD) Don't Hold On Too Tight - Act 1 (Elsa x FemReader Modern AU) by butterscotchSynonym
(OLD) Don't Hold On Too Tight - Ac...by buttersym
⇛⇛Head down to Don't Hold On Too Tight Revamped! pls, this version sucks⇚⇚ (Elsaxfemalereader) Y/N has nothing much to worry about. Life is going fine, friendships remai...
(EDITING)"Me and My Snow Queen" (ElsaxfemaleReader) by HeyItsLeilanie
(EDITING)"Me and My Snow Queen" (E...by 💙Leilanie💙
The Year is 2100.you are the richest and smartest in school but it's summer and you lived on a mansion your parents are always going on a business trip you are alone in...
And They Were Roommates... by RedBugBlackCat
And They Were Roommates...by Kid
Elsa x Female Reader Modern AU (College) Includes other princesses (all same age-21)
Friend or Foe  (Elsa X Fem!Reader) Frozen/FrozenII by Koud_Folc
Friend or Foe (Elsa X Fem!Reader)...by Klouc_
Power is really all that keeps mankind's story somewhat interesting. With all their words and fists flying to get higher up. Even when they hold ideals that are against...
I Won't Let You Go (Elsa x Fem Reader) Hiatus :( by elsa_snowflake1
I Won't Let You Go (Elsa x Fem Rea...by Elsa ❄️
When Y/N's dog, Elsa, turns from a dog into a gorgeous woman, Y/N must balance the everyday struggles of a being a teenager with trying to find out Elsa's origins. ****...
Frozen: A Soldier's Promise (Elsa X Male Reader) by LtAndrew19
Frozen: A Soldier's Promise (Elsa...by LtAndrew19
When you were growing up, you had a special privilege. Your father was an Arendelle Royal Guard and was assigned to protect one of the top scientists and his family. Wit...
My next destination | Elsa x Fem!Reader by snowwhite2205
My next destination | Elsa x Fem!R...by Lauren
You're the new girl in school. Your parents have been travelling around the world with you ever since you were young. You never went to Highschool since you only got hom...
The Snow Queen and Eclipse Child (Elsa x Male Reader) by CommanderRelyk
The Snow Queen and Eclipse Child (...by Relyk
It's been three years since you and your grandfather, Hendricks, started living on the road, and the destruction of your old home. However, there hasn't been anything of...
elsa by chibelthetaco
elsaby bella 🦋
falling in love fucks you over
Snowflakes In The Summer (elsa x female reader fanfic) by lunarmoonatnoon
Snowflakes In The Summer (elsa x f...by Laiko
This story takes place after Frozen II. You're a young female guard just trying to prove your worth to the guards above you, then you are suddenly assigned to protect an...
Long Lost Love by GenerousEel54505
Long Lost Loveby
You are friends with the princesses before something bad happens. Your kidnapped but return to Elsa to try to start a new life.
A Phoenix's Light (Elsa x Fem!Reader) by ThatWeirdGaymer
A Phoenix's Light (Elsa x Fem!Read...by ThatWeirdGaymer
Life is life, meaning things happen. Alexandria "Phoenix" Light knows this all too well. Despite her royal background, Phoenix never had an easy life. Constan...
An Icy Start (ElsaxFem!Reader) by PugLover101773
An Icy Start (ElsaxFem!Reader)by Cheyenne
Elsa, Anna and (Y/N) used to be really close friends, but Elsa and (Y/N) had drifted apart, while Anna and (Y/N) are still close. They still want to be friends again, an...