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Daughter of Stars | Temporarily Discontinued | by estel_slytherin282
Daughter of Stars | Temporarily Di...by Becca
When Eärendil, daughter of Galadriel, is tasked with watching over the Fellowship it is the begin of an absolutely chaotic adventure. Eärendil begins developing feelings...
Starwards |The silmarillion fanfiction (Ar-Pharazôn/Amandil) by Ting-Ting-Ling
Starwards |The silmarillion fanfic...by TingW
Ar-Pharazôn was so bad at relationships and it led to the destruction of his kingdom - Based on Akallabêth, but there will be some time compression
Earendil's First Day At Foxfire by KaiElainaBlack
Earendil's First Day At Foxfireby Kai
It is Earendil's first day at Foxfire, the elves most prodigious school of all time. That's basically all you need to know. If you guys want me to write more, please vot...
Tuor & Idril by dust_of_moon
Tuor & Idrilby Ναυs!cαα
Tuor, fils de Huor est un homme mortel. Idril, fille de Turgon, est une elfe de Gondolin. Amour, jalousie, trahison, complot, peut-être connaissez-vous déjà leur histoir...
Narn I Dant Gondolin (The Tale of the Fall of Gondolin) by SamPettus
Narn I Dant Gondolin (The Tale of...by Sam Pettus
This is a retelling of the story of Tuor and the fall of the legendary Elven city of Gondolin. It is based on the original 1918 version by J.R.R. Tolkien himself, but u...