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Crazy//Dinger Holfield by trottaboy
Crazy//Dinger Holfieldby Mags
Come here, baby You know you drive me up the wall The way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull Seems like we're makin' up more than we're makin' love And it al...
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Opposites Attract (Dinger/Corey Haim Fanfic) by iluvjohnnycake
Opposites Attract (Dinger/Corey Ha...by Rad 80's
Danielle is such a sweet, caring, and overall lovable person who gets straight A's and doesn't get into trouble. But one day, she meets this crazy, bad boy - Dinger - wh...
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80s Imagines by SweetlyVintage
80s Imaginesby Livi
Just a bunch of stories of your favorite 80s heartthrobs. Some are of just the actor, others are of their roles. I'll happily take requests and I hope you enjoy♡
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YOUR DENIM JACKET // Dinger Holfield by eightieshaim
YOUR DENIM JACKET // Dinger Holfie...by eightieshaim
"Don't you want your jacket back?" "No keep it besides, it looks good on you."
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Oblivion // Dinger Holfield  by 80sbieber
Oblivion // Dinger Holfield by h
After a tragic accident kills Brandi Keller's parents, she is forced to move to a new state to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin Bobby. While coping with the loss of...
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80's & 90's imagine gifs  by indierockstar
80's & 90's imagine gifs by ˚₊✩‧₊
80s & 90s gif imagines!
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endless nights ~ dinger holfield by 35ohboy35
endless nights ~ dinger holfieldby no brainer
dinger holfield x oc character the girl whom dinger spends endless nights with, has been fallen for. dinger has fallen for her and is scared. scared about asking her to...
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✧50 Days of 80s✧ by cherryslurpee
✧50 Days of 80s✧by christal <3
nos·tal·gia /näˈstaljə,nəˈstaljə/ noun a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
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Dark Necessities (( Dinger Holfield )) by flurrescent
Dark Necessities (( Dinger Holfiel...by flurrescent
"I know that wherever you are, that's where I wanna be."
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Unconditionally ↯ Dinger Holfield by -coreyriver
Unconditionally ↯ Dinger Holfieldby hi dudes ☆
❝ Shut up, Dinger. ❞ {Dinger Holfield} {Dream a Little Dream}
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Hello, Honey (Dinger Holfield) *NEW UPDATE 7/26/17* by milkndairy
Hello, Honey (Dinger Holfield) *NE...by Mattie
The life of Charlotte Noxemelle Osborne, more commonly known as Char, was fucked. With no consistent home, a cold father, and a three year sister to take care of, she's...
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Make My World Go Black  • Corey Haim :)  by kindalikewriting
Make My World Go Black • Corey Ha...by ya girl
"How come you won't let me get to know you?" He gave me that goofy smirk and leaned in closer, his piercing blue eyes meeting mine.
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You and I || D.H by vhsvessel
You and I || D.Hby ⛅️Rayne |-/
||Inspired by: Oui - Jeremih|| We wē/ You and I "I swear that everything will be just fine." "There's no we without, you and I." \\Dinger Holfield//
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Day and Night/// Dinger Holfield (incomplete) by aestheticha1m
Day and Night/// Dinger Holfield (...by Klizzelle
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In Love With the Bad Boy? (A Dinger Holfield Fanfiction) by -johnnycakes-
In Love With the Bad Boy? (A Dinge...by yeah-yeah❤️
Cailey Wilde has had a huge crush on Dinger Holfield for as long as she could remember. They've been best friends since Kindergarten, but will that change when Dinger st...
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Home Sick // Dinger Holfield by llaniita
Home Sick // Dinger Holfieldby ▪️lanita▪️
"I should know 'Cause I'd spend all the whole day Listening to your message I'm keeping And never deleting"
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Realization; Corey Haim by aalyssaagrace_
Realization; Corey Haimby Alyssa
" it's five years later and she is just now coming into realization that she still loved him, whenever it's to late " * Takes place in the 90's and 80's * Cri...
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Imagines by Meghanmarie04
Imaginesby Meghanmarie04
Hey guys I don't know but I might start making imagines so I'll take requests.
The Bubblegum Bucket List by ly_jazzy
The Bubblegum Bucket Listby beyondthelimit
The Bubblegum Bucket List for the great, the powerful, AURORA WILSONN! (Actually she's pretty boring) - B + D 1. Wear pants for a day 2. Steal candy from store 3. Egg h...