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"Why are you being so mean to your new bride?" I demanded ruefully. He smirked in a menacing and ominous way. His grip on my jaw tightened. "I don't ac...
His Heart Was In The Ring by sortaamess
His Heart Was In The Ringby sortaamess
It wasn't hard to get tangled up with some bad people in Hope's sleepless city. The MC's had been at each other's throats for years now, and bodies had dropped along the...
Ravanger by Fantasy_girl21
Ravangerby Briana
EVELYN RAVANGER was the girl viewed as a traitor. After escaping from her brutal Alpha who tortured her for a crime everyone assumed she committed, she thought she could...
SRKajol...The names meant to be together  by aaboss786
SRKajol...The names meant to be to...by AA BOSS àäśhi
#1 in Srkajol ( 18 June 2021) #2 in difficult love (for a long time) Srk and Kajol are best on screen couple.Those who have seen them must have wished once in their life...
A little More... by aaboss786
A little More...by AA BOSS àäśhi
Ertugrul and Halime deeply love each other. It's like they are made for each other and no third person can even think to intrude in their love.But what if someone dares...
Stockholm Syndrome  by Iddea99
Stockholm Syndrome by Sofie Brand
Caitlyn Winter she was never a party animal, but she went anyway, everything to just get out. Eventually she bumped into someone, someone that was nothing but arrogant a...
Are you Trustworthy enough ? by phoenix4pk
Are you Trustworthy enough ?by Alice
It is a Tae ff . Not like others where Taehyung is a mafia or y/n is dumb. "why did you hid it from me? I guess I was never trustworthy enough for you also."...
are you my soulmate? by aishalowe
are you my soulmate?by aisha lowe
Do you believe in soulmates? I can't decide if I do or not. Nevertheless, the concept is amazing. We all have had crushes and this book comprises a set of poems to a lov...
Senku X Reader (He's Mine) by ProximaCentaurusA
Senku X Reader (He's Mine)by Proxima_Centauri
I met this guy who's really love and devoted to SCIENCE! He is Ishigami Senku, but I have this feeling that I want to reach with him, this feeling of love. But how? How...
Two Of One Piece. (Banana fish Eiji x Ash) by Sonewsocool
Two Of One Piece. (Banana fish Eij...by Eiji 💕
This is a My Hero academia au, I'm taking banana fish characters and putting them in the world of My Hero academia. I hope you guys enjoy! (((I don't own banana fish or...
It's Bad To Love You Again (Yu Zeyu x Reader) by sweetlikezeyu
It's Bad To Love You Again (Yu Zey...by Edleen Nazaire
"We can't love each other anymore Zeyu. You are my sister's fiance. I don't want her to get hurt because we still love each other."-(Y/n) "But (Y/n), I do...
The Flames Of The Phoenix  by mekkfjmmskdj
The Flames Of The Phoenix by Emjrnnffjjt
A story about vampires, werewolves and creatures from other worlds. The fight against good and evil with an added love story. The story of a powerful vampire trying to b...
𝒮𝒶𝓊𝒹𝒶𝒹𝑒 by fantasistsparkle
𝒮𝒶𝓊𝒹𝒶𝒹𝑒by fantasistsparkle
"Saudade..." He whispered. "Beg me your pardon?" She turned her head to look at him concerned. "I feel nostalgic longing when I'm near you."...
Unreachable love by MorganeHutse1996
Unreachable loveby Morgane Hutse
A love story about a girl struggling with being in a wheelchair while going through her last year of high school. She has had a crush on the cute basketball player Jay H...
DIFFICULT LOVE ~KTH x READER~ by sweet_cosmosarmy
Unfolding the soft side of a Tsundere person is very hard. And what if the person already has many problems? What happens when two high school peers meet as employee and...
Not perfect at all  by NavyBandit545
Not perfect at all by NavyBandit545
I don't need to, but I want to. So I look at him. Dammit. How does he do this? Angel Bennett has a problem...Or a crush, that sadly never noticed her. She leaves school...
the hard hatred which was turn into love by shelly_bby_102
the hard hatred which was turn int...by shelly_bby_102
A boy and girl who goes same school always have hated each other. The boy was 17 and the girl was 13.Eventually they both started developing feelings for each other afte...
The Witch and the Shapeshifter  by PSL1i1dont1care
The Witch and the Shapeshifter by PSL1i1dont1care
This story is about a witch and a shapeshifter lesbian story about how they fell in love and found each other. There are other creatures in it are friends or family to t...
The Murky Swirl of Love by Philbertthepolarbear
The Murky Swirl of Loveby Bailey
Love. It isn't supposed to be simple nor is it to be easy, but why does it have such an emotional impact on me; Marceline Ackerman? Follow Marceline on her journey, it's...
My Mate Is Blind ( Boy X Boy)  by yaoiwriter17
My Mate Is Blind ( Boy X Boy) by yaoiwriter17
When Carter the alpha of the ocean pack finally finds his mate he is surprised to not only find out that he's a male and he's blind. He thinks how can this even work my...