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Cavenaugh Tower (A Rapunzel Remix) by DumDumPops4
Cavenaugh Tower (A Rapunzel Remix)by Cayleigh G. Kennedy
Kamree doesn't believe in love. She can't afford to. Ironically, she lives in Sarias, a kingdom that practically thrives on the idea of love and soulmates. Daxton is a...
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The New Royal Blood (Book 1) by purdynerd
The New Royal Blood (Book 1)by Alexis
The royal family in England is looking for new blood, as in new blood lines. They've searched all throughout England and deemed the ladies unfit for Prince Daxton Cambri...
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we're the cool people// Noah atwood by m_walion11
we're the cool people// Noah atwoodby m_walion11
hi im dance tard but my actual name is brianna. I am twelve. I can sing and dance and I'm also really athletic and also do gymnastics. I am also very smart. i have blond...
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Surviving the Life of College (Smythe #3) by 3dream_writer3
Surviving the Life of College (Smy...by Laeti
*sequel to Surviving the Life of Dax. Will include spoilers* *cover created by FlowerOfCamelis* Daxton Harper Smythe: An eighteen year old boy who has been throug...
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That other tard (shaytards fanfic) by shaytards_love
That other tard (shaytards fanfic)by Twisted Sister
She is always just the oldest daughter. Nothing more than that. Some call her the oldest. Other call her the sister to the five. But she knows she is just that other ta...
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Charlie's World {Shaytards} by tardology
Charlie's World {Shaytards}by emma
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Where's Emmi | shaytards fanfic by Tardlets
Where's Emmi | shaytards fanficby (:
Emmi was found dead. Stone cold. Lifeless. On her own bedroom floor. Was she murdered? Did she get bullied? Did she suicide? All there thoughts raced through young Gavin...
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Adopted By The Shaytards by deeplygreysxa
Adopted By The Shaytardsby twisted sister
Two year old Aria gets adopted by the shaytards. Little does she know her brother Logan gets adopted by Logan Butler a year back?
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The Butler's Babysitter |Shaytards| by tardology
The Butler's Babysitter |Shaytards|by emma
Faith Lansen has a normal life. Well, she thinks it's normal, considering it's all she's ever known. Her mom's an on and off alcoholic, being in and out of rehab centers...
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Keeping It In The Dark by Dallas713
Keeping It In The Darkby Dallas
We were best friends, the one person you couldn't live without, right? That is at least what I thought, along with everyone else, but I guess that's just life. During t...
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Shaytards, Will Avia Be Okay? by GreysAnatomy011
Shaytards, Will Avia Be Okay?by GreysAnatomy011
The Shaytards are the same ages and still do vlogs. What will happen when Avia and Dax get in a fatal car accident? Read to find out what will happen to the Shaytards. ...
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Alone | Shaytards by Tardlets
Alone | Shaytardsby (:
a·lone əˈlōn/ adjective & adverb 1. having no one else present; on one's own. Emmi has no one. Avia and Braille hang out. Gavin, Gage, and Cooper hang out. Brock and Dax...
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Cooper?? | Book 2 in Where's Emmi series by Tardlets
Cooper?? | Book 2 in Where's Emmi...by (:
Gavin is dead. Life is hard without your sweet brother to look over you. Avia is out of her coma. Emmi's been out of her coma. Life is getting as normal as it can get. D...
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The ZamFam Literally by annamae200408
The ZamFam Literallyby AnnaMae222
Rebecca and Matt have been married for a few years and started making YouTube videos. Her channel began to blow up and she became popular on the website. She had gotten...
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A night to remember  by fuckit_duff
A night to remember by Fuckit_duff
A night to remember: description One night Andy is asleep when he hears loud banging on his door. He gets up goes to the door sees no one as he's about to close the doo...
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Alone  by shaytards_love
Alone by Twisted Sister
The shaytards are one big happy family. Correction, were a big happy family. It only took one day and one day only. It all seemed quick, until the realization hit Avia...
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A Journey by shaytards_love
A Journeyby Twisted Sister
(Copyright shaytards_love and deeplygreysxa) Book 1 of the "A" series. Diana, Kiki, Sophia, Lisa, and Jackie are just five girls. They look and act as if they...
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My Life Has Gone Downhill (An Emmi Butler/Shaytards Fanfiction) by April_2003
My Life Has Gone Downhill (An Emmi...by April_2003
For Emmi Butler, Life Isn't The Same. Her Parents Have Gotten A Divorce, There Are No More Shaytard Vlogs. Being a 7 Year Old, She Has To Take Matter Into Her Own Hands...
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It all started with trixin (on hold) by meowbunny
It all started with trixin (on hol...by Oof
The family business trixin is what brought avia and her crush together... All rights reserved ®. Copy righted©
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Isolated | Shaytards | Sequel to Alone by Tardlets
Isolated | Shaytards | Sequel to A...by (:
i·so·lat·ed ˈīsəˌlādəd/ adjective far away single; exceptional. Emmi thought things were finally going right in her life. Until she turned 16. The same thing happened 3...
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