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Twilight Love by -HarmonyinDark_
Twilight Loveby Z🅾H🅰
Love leads them towards their dreams. Love twilights like a firefly and shows them the way to their dreams as a firefly leads one towards the right path. But... what hap...
  • allah
  • leads
  • islamic
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Percabeth - A New Life Ahead by percabethforeverbaby
Percabeth - A New Life Aheadby Cece
In this story. It is about when Percabeth takes the next step. They just graduated college........so read it to see if you like it! If you like it commentt or tell anoth...
  • something
  • him
  • annabeth
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The Arrival, Book one of the Birthright Trilogy by DamselinaDirtyDress
The Arrival, Book one of the Birth...by Nicole MacDonald
Bound by love, drawn by magick, happily ever after won't come without a fight... Looking for love, four friends cast a spell. Thrust into a terrifying new world, they fi...
  • female
  • magick
  • sworcery
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Leads To You by dontworry2471
Leads To Youby Island Royalty 👑😘
When a girl receives a letter on her doorstep, she did not realize that in it contained her past. Something that she thought she left behind, along with pain and anguish...
  • road
  • adult
  • past
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All Roads Leads To You (One Shot) by lazyakabookworm
All Roads Leads To You (One Shot)by book.worm
Madhu unexpectedly meets the man she had once loved. Though he is still in love with her, she is not the same girl anymore. Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal aka Nithya
  • roads
  • madhubala
  • rishabala
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Multiple Rejection (girlxgirl) by 1swavibeeyzm
Multiple Rejection (girlxgirl)by Allyhannah Cameron
Thus is where a badass trouble some child the old foster kid turn out bad a devil She earned the football team and athletics team captainship she developed feelings and...
  • leads
  • mafia
  • badass
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Legends  by macy67890
Legends by macy67890
Learn the life of Xavier knight Where he finds himself a girl who did not steal his heart but even his family's heart They can't do or feel anything but feel possessive...
  • innoncent
  • intense
  • arrogant
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MEET MY OC'S by natlovesfandoms
MEET MY OC'Sby natlovesfandoms
this is just a book of summaries of all my oc's! when i publish new stories, the oc's will be added in here! i hope you all enjoy!
  • meet
  • my
  • random
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The Space Detriment by BulletproofRecit
The Space Detrimentby BulletproofRecit
When a driven treasure seeker and a wilful bounty hunter find themselves on the wrong end of a deal that involves a space mafia and a superpowered crystal in which they...
  • female
  • adventure
  • male
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Writing/Story Prompts by JazmineToadsAdventur
Writing/Story Promptsby JazmineToad's Adventures
If you ever don't know what to write about or how to start a story, feel free to come and look in here. It can either start off with a character in their point of view (...
  • storystarters
  • writersblock
  • scenarios
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17Stunts by BTS1myHEARTU
17Stuntsby Saphire Raine
We started out as just normal people who needed a job. We all had one thing in common. That was our stunts. We were stunt doubles destined to nothing.... Or so we though...
  • 17stunts
  • the4
  • thr3
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MLM Tips Free by buckbrent7
MLM Tips Freeby buckbrent7
  • more
  • time
  • leads
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Love&Hate by notacommongirl
Love&Hateby cutiegirl
  • much
  • hate
  • leads
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