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Give Me A Gold Plaque, Please! (albecale) by imlitteralyjstagirl
Give Me A Gold Plaque, Please! ( azaria
Recently, Cale has been asking Alberu for high amounts of money recently.(Weird.) Now he wants a Gold Plaque,why? Basically AlbeCale Flirting.
Cale's Last Resort by its_Sid_babae
Cale's Last Resortby its_Sid_babae
"It's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it hadn't never shone." - John Steinbeck Alberu Crossman finds the will that Cale Henitus...
When Loving Hurts Because You're Afraid Of Falling In Love by CaleHenituse_totcf
When Loving Hurts Because You're AlbeCale_goDOKidoki💕
AlbeCale/AlCale five-part-plus-one ff (if I feel like it I might add a bit more but not yet cuz idk what I'm doing really) 1st Part: Alver's POV - "When Loving Hurt...
Easy Slacky (CaleBeru) by Kamiyamaka
Easy Slacky (CaleBeru)by ✨CHRISM✨
📌STATUS : ON-HOLD In which the Dark Elf Alberu is so whipped with a certain readhead.
AlbeCale Oneshot: Shower Call by CaleBarr0w
AlbeCale Oneshot: Shower Callby C.Barrow
Alberu is constantly in awe of his commander's beauty. Cale is denser than a rock. • Haven't written part 2 yet, but I'll try to get around to it. --- • Cover fanart dra...
His Highness is a Tiger by Raon_Miru
His Highness is a Tigerby Raon
[TCF fanfiction] Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse One day, Cale Henituse found a tiger with lion mane standing on two feet inside his superior's office. He thought he was...
AlbeCale Oneshot: Stuck in a Box by CaleBarr0w
AlbeCale Oneshot: Stuck in a Boxby C.Barrow
Cale and Alberu suddenly wake up stuck in a cramped box. What will they do? • Rare fluff/no angst • 1.2k words • edited --- • Cover fan art drawn by @asdf00_00 on Twitter
The Ballroom Incident by 44mari
The Ballroom Incidentby Wysteria
After defeating hunters (finally) the King of Rowoon Kingdom Alver Crossman, hosted a ball. What could go wrong in the end?
Happy Family, Maybe 🔞 by Raon_Miru
Happy Family, Maybe 🔞by Raon
[TCF fanfiction] Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse Part 1 [Baby On Board!] "Holy shit. I'm really pregnant." After drunkenly spending a hot steamy night with hi...