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Female Gohan x Male Saiyan/Android Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Female Gohan x Male Saiyan/Android...by Victor Hernandez
After the arrival of Gohan's Father, Son Goku, back to earth, he then had a little chat with an unknown ally who is from the future, and only Goku will know and not let...
The last one.. by Oscar1409840
The last one..by Clayfh-.4069
Idk A random Gohan AU where Cell tries to escape the boys Kamehameha, blows himself up again, and Gohan is taken to some other place he doesn't recognize. Just an idea...
Goku's Daughter, Gorin (discontinued) by crystal_cx__
Goku's Daughter, Gorin (discontinu...by Crystal
So this is a story about Gorin who is goku's daughter and she is Goten's twin except that she is the younger one and her big brother. The story will start from the Buu...
Diverging Future (A DBZ fanfic) by Panda4star
Diverging Future (A DBZ fanfic)by Panda4star
Seven years after the Cell Games, and one look in the mirror sends Gonan into a spiral. She had been concerned about her future self before, but that had mostly went awa...
Vegeta x Goku by Starchild--
Vegeta x Gokuby Starchild--
(Takes place after the Buu Saga) Vegeta learns something surprising about his long time rival Goku, will this long held secret change their friendship to something more...
DBZ  Majin Vegeta X his love Bella - for love and safety of his family by YuGiOhfan1999
DBZ Majin Vegeta X his love Bella...by Katherine Isherwood
Prince Vegeta, the prince of the saiyans married to a beautiful female Saiyan named Bella (the twin sister of Son Goku aka Kakarot) and had a 8 year old son named Trunks...
Ascending Super Sayiajjins by AgonizingStimulation
Ascending Super Sayiajjinsby Diavolo
While fighting in the 25th world martial arts tournament Goten snaps. He transcends.
DBZ Rewrite FINALE: Majin Buus Terror by TheDivineDBFan
DBZ Rewrite FINALE: Majin Buus Ter...by
This is it, the finale of the DBZ Rewrite series, prepare for the TERROR OF MAJIN BUU! DBZ was made by Akira Toriyama DBZ Is owned by Funimations and Toei Animations DBZ...
Retzi the saiyan child  by Funtimeboi123
Retzi the saiyan child by Funtimeboi123
I keep changing the story because I have no new ideas 🙃