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Bucky x Reader One-shots by avengerofyourheart
Bucky x Reader One-shotsby avengerofyourheart
Reader inserts featuring Bucky Barnes. Angst, Fluff, mild sexual situations.
Wolf Like Me • Bucky Barnes by Kuekuatsu_
Wolf Like Me • Bucky Barnesby Kuekuatsu_
Therapist, Audrey Edwards, has a new client. She's worked with ex-soldiers before, but none quite as intriguing as the enigmatic James Buchanan Barnes. "i found lo...
A Place for You & Me ・Bucky Barnes by Mocha_Gangsta
A Place for You & Me ・Bucky Barnesby Jasmine Allen
*Completed* This story follow James "Bucky" Barnes after The Avengers: Endgame. He tries to get back into society, but is too worried about his past. A girl, w...
The Void by Rcurlywatts7S
The Voidby Rcurlywatts7S
Bucky Barnes is lost deep within the winter soldier, completely losing touch with himself. And all it takes is trigger words to amplify the voices in his head until he l...
Iris by endorspeaches
Irisby endorspeaches
You struggle with your mental health and the last thing you want to do is be a burden to Bucky. warnings: hints of mental health issues// crying pairing: bucky x reader ...
Eternal Love by barnesjamcs
Eternal Loveby mal♥️
Summary: Y/N lives a simple life. She has a nice studio apartment and runs a popular blog that focuses on old, rundown architecture. When she's invited to Barnes Manor s...
Medicine by endorspeaches
Medicineby endorspeaches
You're sick and all you want is to be in the arms of the man you love. warnings: fluff, mentions of taking medication. pairing: bucky x reader A/N: I'm a music addict. E...
My Forbidden Soldier by EllaBxrnes
My Forbidden Soldierby Ella Barnes
After getting a suspicious call from "S.H.I.E.L.D" at four in the morning and getting 'kidnapped' by your one and only friend, you are greeted with the opportu...
A Letter From Bucky  by endorspeaches
A Letter From Bucky by endorspeaches
Bucky wrote you a letter and you just got it in the mail. Warnings: some crying// mostly fluff Pairings: Bucky x reader A/N: I'm a music addict. Every time I write a fic...
{Completed} Thanks, Sam... (Bucky Barnes) by Fanfic-For-Readers
{Completed} Thanks, Sam... (Bucky...by Fanfic-For-Readers
This is a three-part Single Dad! Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader, there is no mention of the body other than the mention of Y/N's leg. Thank you for reading... I hope you e...
Lost And Found by barnesjamcs
Lost And Foundby mal♥️
Summary: In 2014, with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s classified information leaked and Hydra exposed to the public, nobody is safe. Least of all Bucky. On the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., H...
Playing with fire by ShannonfreakingLeto
Playing with fireby Taylor
Having grown up as a small family after their father was killed in an accident, Steve became the man of the house. Growing up idolising her brother there was only one th...
You Can Call Me Bucky by endorspeaches
You Can Call Me Buckyby endorspeaches
That middle time where we just got Bucky back and the world seemed ok. Oh, he also enjoys watching you show him the internet. warnings: just a bit of fluff // pairing: r...
Porch Swing by endorspeaches
Porch Swingby endorspeaches
You need something to take your mind off Bucky being away. Maybe sprucing up the house will help. warnings: none just fluff pairing: sam wilson x reader, bucky x reader ...
Late Night Louisiana  by underratedthoughts
Late Night Louisiana by Natasha
It's late 19th century, Y/N moves to Louisiana to learn more about vampires. But what happens when she finds one likely creature of the night at Porterhollow Cemetery?
A case turned; Bucky x reader by BlackWidower00
A case turned; Bucky x readerby BlackWidower
You and James Barnes need to go undercover to find some hydra supersoldiers. You and James are sort off friends, you can joke with him but that's it. You don't feel anyt...
Not The Worst Idea After All by therealdisneyfan2319
Not The Worst Idea After Allby therealdisneyfan2319
In the midst of war-torn Europe, Bucky manages to find a way to help Steve take his mind off the war for a while